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Aug 022011

Puppet Master Andy Cohen allowed the planned attack on Alex McCord to take place without a blink. 

puppet master


Kelly Bensimon and LuAnn de Lesseps, led by Jill Zarin, launched a vicious attack on Alex during Part 2 of the Real Housewives of New York  special.  It was uglier than the Orange County Housewives Season 6 .  Who would have thought that was possible.  All we were left with was impoverished souls and spirits.

Reunion Part 1 

fave puppets

Poor Alex, struggling so hard to remain relevant among this cast of moronic, snapping vipers determined to get rid of her.  Zarin has had this agenda for two years now, this year she may have succeeded. Andy Cohen certainly seems ready for Alex to leave.  There is apparently no love lost between Cohen and Simon van Kempen, either.

Best line of the evening by Alex:  “ has enough dirt on Luann for a landfill’. 


Poor Kelly, with the brain capacity of a five year old, thinking she’s the voice of reason this year.  She must have an awfully good publicist,or some mighty influential protectors.  Andy laid off Kelly altogether, no matter what stupid shit came out of her mouth.  Weird?  Inauthentic?  LuAnn and treat her like a 42 year old child.

Poor LuAnn, haughty and condescending based on an ex-title from an ex-husband. But Andy Cohen seems to favor her the most, he had this season edited to center around her. So expect more of the same, or worse, next season. And yes, LuAnn is a Thug in a Cocktail Dress.

Poor Ramona, forced to defend not only her marriage but also her drinking. Ramona knows how to fight back on both points, however, and she took no prisoners with LuAnn and her attack on her daughter.  Ramona is totally delusional, however, if she believes she’s not menopausal.  How crazy is that?  After Ramona slapped a Bravo producer , what edit could she expect?  Ramona,however, is very good TV.

Poor Sonja, going through bankruptcy on national television.  But Sonja Morgan is the most likeable out of this train wreck. She was quiet during most of part 2.

Poor Cindy.  Poor who?  As Evelyn Lozado of Basketball Wives would say; ‘She’s a non-mother-f^^king factor.

And finally..

Poor .   She must be the most unhappy person on Earth.  Jealous of everyone, hates anyone who doesn’t agree with her, and can never hide it.  The look on her face when Ramona’s  marriage came up…sheer ecstasy.   How can the woman who gives bj’s for jewelry have so much animosity in her heart for everyone? She positively enjoys anyone’s misery and suffering.  And she can never hide it, after four seasons of watching her reactions, you know what she’ll say before she says it.  But Andy Cohen loves her, this monster will return.  says it all.

It’s not over.  They will continue to battle it out on twitter and in their blogs.  Filming, according to Simon van Kempen, is scheduled to begin Labor Day.  None of them have been told as of today whether or not the puppet master will allow them to extend that 15 minutes into Season 5.

Before the season began, I wrote .  Unfortunately, it was true.

Watch What Happens, or not.

  18 Responses to “Real Housewives of New York Reunion Part 2: Sisterhood of the Poor”


    Alex attacked? Not from what I was watching or at least not anymore than she attacked the others. It was heartbreaking to watch her attempts at staying relevant, while allowing her husband to use such horrible terms (C-U-N-Tuesday) to describe the other women & also yell at them. She never appologized or voiced that it was wrong. A great example for your sons & a great example for the way they should treat women.
    Ramona attacked LuAnns parenting from the start. I’ve watched all season & she intentionally made comments before anything was brought up with Mario & she continued the attacks, becoming more vicious. She seems to be the one repeating the cruel comments & behavior without any change. But we’re suppose to keep buying the innocent act? Please. The rest, whatever, but the behavior of Ramona & Alex repulse me enough to comment when I see such actions ignored or justified.


    i want to know who voted for Kelly in that cosmo poll? was it Jill Zarin? we all know how she likes polls :)


    I was stunned at the viscious bullying aimed at Alex from Jill, LuAnn and Kelly….clearly Jill and LuAnn gave Kelly the go-ahead to snip throughout the reunion at Alex. She wouldn’t have done it without their backup.

    Ramona was right when she called out “Stop ganging up on Alex!”…..because Andy Cohen would not stop the relentless attacks.

    Cohen clearly plays favorites — just like on the RHNJ, when thugs Teresa and Caroline were indulged as they tore apart Danielle on live tv. Andy smiled through it all. I don’t watch that series anymore after Danielle left.


      How can someone who was never address or spoken directly to feel attacked.
      Alex answered everyone elses question before they could.
      The ladies asked her to stop speaking to them because they weren’t talking to her. Alex said ” I can speak if I want”. Alex spent the entire night trying to find some relevance. No one cares about Alex including Andy Cohen who didn’t miss the opportunity to call Alex out on lying about a perticular incident. Alex said “It wasn’t the same time it was 5 hours earlier” and say’s “No! I checked the tape it was the same time”. Alex looked dumbfounded as she did all season.
      Alex is the biggest social climber and her husband has to be a hermaphrodite because he’s not ALL MAN, to watch his pathetic interactions with the ladies was so feminine.


    Kelly Bensimon, an anti-bullying maven when she pretends to be a victim of that practice, had no qualms about bullying Alex at the reunion. And I don’t think Kelly would have the nerve to do that to anyone but Alex. Kelly is vile. And very, very dumb.


    The brunettes went after Alex with a mob mentality. You could see the vile hate in Kelly’s face as mocked and made fun of Alex all night. If she didn’t have the other brunettes to back her up and egg her on she would not have had the guts to enjoy being such a vile person. She would have been more quiet and timid – and maybe a little of the nice person she claims she is and wants to think she is — and is NOT.


    Andy should be fired, the whole show is sick, the women are so disgusting, such a fine way to show our young people today on how to act. Now I know where some of the bulling start for our young kids. Jill and Luann are so sick and Kelly is nuts, done watching the show.


    actually MegMar, Jill worked very hard to make everyone look bad and herself a changed person, well she proved that she hasn’t changed at all.. if anything shes an even more vengeful and vindictive person.


    @Bravoandy, we are cooked with luann and jill. take jill off the show and be bffs in the hamptons.jills character is over. We know that she knows how to lead bobby around by the nose and how she talks about everyone, even her so called best friends, behind their backs, luann and jills dog and pony show is old and over.kelly does not make sense at all anymore and cindy doesn’t even know how to bond with her own children.Take alex off if you don’t like her(which is obvious)but give us NEW good material PLEASE!Ramona and sonja are staples for the show.they are a breath of fresh air!good luck with changes that need to happen


    I don’t like Alex, her husband is very freaky and i would not want him standing behind me yelling at me either…. BUT i absolutely can not even listen to Jill or Kelly speak its just soooooooooo WEIRD ( to use kelly’s fav word of the season)
    I don’t think anyone would feel as negatively towards Ramona if Jill had not worked VERY hard off season to make sure Ramona looked like a lunatic.. in all the seasons Ramona has always professed her love for Pinot and made overly sexual comments about her husband and how amazing her marriage is. But the difference is jill did have JILLousy and LuAnn was a bitter DIvorcee who thought she would get ALOT more out that divorce but alas she’s left with a house in the hamptons and staying with Jill in the City ( i can see why she needs to stay friends with her)
    I dont understand how this season centered around LuAnn i thought the whole thing was a lost trainwreck…not only was the reunion a total headache but i had to force myself to watch most of the season.. the only entertaining funny parts were ramona and sonja being ridiculous @ the riad….everyone else NOT so much.

    oh and Cindy.. they should have given HER the fernanda treatment i have never seen a more annoying waste of space… and did Jill refer her to her doctor for a liquid facelift? WTF was up with her faace at the reunion it looked like it was injected but the fillers were traveling across her face. ew.


      Ramona looks like a lunatic because SHE LOOKS LIKE A LUNATIC. It’s her on screen behavior, not “Jill working very hard off season” to make her look that way. I am not saying she has an alcohol problem, just a seriously tragic lack of decorum.


    I couldn’t agree LESS with this article, but whatever. I can agree to disagree. I must be “Team Brunette” because I despise Alex McCord, and would be delighted to never have to see that little old lady face of hers anymore. Kelly’s right–she is a BAD actress. So corny, over the top, and absurd. “Poor Ramona”? Is that a joke? To use an overused word on last night’s episode, Ramona is “vile” and will stop at nothing to throw low blows at people. I have to give her credit though–she is clever about how she does it and alot of people don’t catch on to what she did until much later. Sonja is kooky and tacky, but I don’t hate her. I think she’s off about some stuff, but I don’t hate her. Cindy added nothing to this season, she should go too. I loved the snarky new Luann this season–she had some great one-liners and was a hoot to watch. I don’t care what anyone says–I still like Jill and just don’t see her as the devil personified like other people do. Kelly is kooky, but when she does make sense, she often hits the nail right on the head, and people never want to give her credit for it. I’m ready for these ladies to be off the air for a while though. Bring on Beverly Hills!

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