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Aug 022011

the cast of The Real Housewives of Orange County

from left: , , tamra barney, andy cohen, gretchen rossi alexis bellino 



Bravo TV has just confirmed there will be a seventh season for the Real Housewives of Orange County. The original show of the franchise, Orange County began airing in March, 2006.  The only original cast member is .

Rumors of casting calls all over Orange County have been rampant for months.  No premiere date has been set, nor announcements of any casting changes.

Season 6 will begin airing August 3 in the UK.

  26 Responses to “Bravo Confirms Season 7 for the Real Housewives of Orange County”


    Jeana Keough didnt deserve to be treated like that by Tamra. Tamra, listen good, you treat people how you expect to be treated. Your whole life is rubbish. Go back and get an education- who knows you may even learn something and become a better person. Simon took the harsh road with you because he knew what kind of person he was married too. You have no class. What is Vicki doing with that trash? she needs to know that her association with Tamra has impact on how she is perceived. I thik she ruined her marriage just to be even with her side kick. Don deserved to be treated with respect lady. The worst housewives are Vicky and Tamra -without doubt. Can they not get Tamra off the show? she really lowers the tone.


    Is it just me but doesn’t Vicki look just like Miss Piggy!!


    hey everyone im amy from ENGLAND i was just wondering if anyone knows when the next series is on itv2 as i dont have bravo. and i totally agree with talula i love gretchen and alexis!


    After watching season 6 the reunion, you had the three old bitter witches cackling away- Peggy (looks like a tranny), Vicki (thinks she is GOD and so needs arse licking) and Tamra (the porn star who has a frankinstein forehead! enough face jobs get some done on your forehead!) and then on the other sofa you have Gretchen who is a decent beauty and Alexis equally as beautiful. There was so much tension because the three witches are very jealoused of the two young women as they are successful,smart and sexy.
    Why is Eddie with that old tart? is he nuts? or is just for publicity? It’s really sickening watching them stick their tongues down one anothers throat. Really stomach churning and their attempt at cheap porn- actually that could be Tamra’s side job!


    Orange County Housewives, what a treat. Just another type of soap opera.

    Why doesn’t Bravo come up with Orange County discarded Husband/boyfriend of the OC Housewives program??


    i cant stand gretchen if she goes out with sum one like slade who doesnt bother with his kids or pay child support then she shud b ready 2 take everythin thats thrown at her. she wud b straight on tamra or vikki if they were in her shoes. felt sorry 4 peggy at her party alexis acted like a bitch i wudda slapped her lol…. uk loves this show keep it goin…. i love tamra n her new man eddie wish her all the luck in the world xxx


    its just so funny they are all like kids in a playground makes me laugh, i actually like gretchen and cant wait to see season 7


    i love this show it is soo funny to see that even if you think you have it all can still be so bitchy and horrible to each other uk loves the drama


    it’s embarrassing that now other countries will see these shows and believe we are all self centered,materialistic, media whores!


    I think this article sums up what many viewers believe:

    As much as I like trashy television now and then, the public deserves a little credit for preferring a show that actually profiles these women’s lives and interactions with families and friends, rather than stirred up drama with cats clawing at each other for the most camera time.

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