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Jul 092011

I thought I was through writing about gatecrashers Tareq and Michaele Salahi, of the now defunct .  The couple, best known for crashing the State Dinner given for the Indian Prime Minister love publicity whether positive (which never happens) or negative.  Why help make then bigger famewhores than they are?

But here we are, one more time.

Andrea Rogers, a Washington DC socialite and charity organizer, sent me this item about the infamous duo.  She writes about the Salahi ‘s frequently on her

Ask Miss A, blog.

Here’s her latest entry:

In December of 2010, Kerri Conning Chik of  Charlottesville, VA searched for a wine tour.  She went to the Virginia Wine Tour website and requested a reservation for a wine tour for Saturday, May 14th. “Jennifer W.” from Virginia Wine Tour responded to her email with a contract, which she filled out and mailed with her check to their address 440 Scenic Overlook, Front Royal, VA 22630 on February 24, 2011. The check was cashed (see attachment of check) on March 3, 2011. As you can see from the check, the Salahis aren’t endorsing the checks by signing their names. They are writing “For Deposit Only” instead.

On May 11th, Chik called Virginia Wine Tours at their 540-635-9933 phone number to confirm our pick up time and location. “Jennifer W.” informed her via email that their limo was having mechanical problems. After two days of email communication and no returned phone call from Virginia Wine Tour, Virginia Wine Tour cancelled her reservation and stated that she would receive a full refund as well as gift certificates. Over the next two weeks, Chik communicated through email with “Jennifer W.” inquiring about her refund. The communication became sparse and “Jennifer W.” stated that she could not write the refund check herself but the refund would be sent to me.

After the two weeks, Chik called their contact number and no one ever answered. She left many messages and even found their voicemail box to be full on several occasions. On May 20, 2011, “Jennifer W.” stated that they would write a refund check and mail it on the following Tuesday. This was the last email communication that Chik had with anyone at Virginia Wine Tour. She continued in vain to send emails and call until June 2nd. In her last attempt to see if they were just having technical problems or could not answer emails, she created another email account under the name “McKenzie Taylor”. On June 2nd, Chik sent Virginia Wine Tour an email requesting a tour for the end of June under the name “McKenzie Taylor”. “Jennifer W.” quickly responded within 20 minutes of the initial email with reservation and contract information. Via email Chik wrote to “Jennifer W.” as “McKenzie Taylor” that she tried to call their contact number but the mailbox was full. “Jennifer W.” stated that she could call “McKenzie Taylor” to answer any questions.

Another victim contacted Virginia Wine Tours after seeing an ad in Northern Virginia magazine, and booked a wine tour for July 20, 2011. Within days, this victim realized the Salahis were behind the tour company, so she asked to cancel and have them refund her money. While going back and forth with them, she suffered a miscarriage from the stress. She begged them for a refund explaining that they were not in any shape mentally to do a tour due to the loss of their child. Virginia Wine Tour said they would be out of the office until after the July 4th holiday weekend, and would consider processing it when they returned. Rather than refund the money, the Salahis took the money on their Disney cruise that weekend.

Click here to see an attachment where Virginia Wine Tour denies being owned by the Salahis. Click here to see attachment of the Commonwealth of Virginia State Corporation Commission filing showing clearly that Virginia Wine Tour is owned by Tareq Salahi.

Why are they not in jail?  Does justice ever prevail?  Sigh





  15 Responses to “Tareq and Michaele Salahi Continue Schemin’ and Scammin’”


    Is it only possible to pay by check (or cash)? This is why I never pay for anything except by credit card. Then you have some recourse. And I am suspicious of any company (particularly online) that doesn’t accept credit cards, or at the VERY least, paypal.

    On their website they have all kinds of “partners”. big ones, like United. Do these companies know that they are advertised this way? Do they know this place is owned by the Salahis?

    They should be paraded down Pennsylvania Ave and pelted with rotten produce. Or at least down Route 15 in Old Town Leesburg.

    I suspect they will probably weasel out of this also. They do seem to be very teflon.


    Salahi’s are scum of the earth grifters who ruined a potentially great Housewives show with their bullshit drama and lies.


      Tweatcyn, the sad thing is many people only know Salahis from the White House crash and Bravo. They have no idea that in Virginia they are well known as scammers and thieves. Until their true identity is exposed, entertainment media gives them the cover to continue their crimes.


    jennifer is a phony name used all the time by Michelle “Michaele” Salahi because she, like her husband who uses numerous phony names as well, know very well that because of their well earned reputation they could never con anyone out of money and would starve. heaven forbid they actually get a job. But I will say here and now. Everything about them is phony. Jennifer W. is a name they took from her former “assistant” who appeared on the RHWODC show with her and hasn’t been involved with him for ages. She has a newborn baby in fact. Furthermore, Michaele/Michelle’s use of phony names is a habit she has carried on for years. According to law enforcement sources, her real name is Michelle, born Michelle Ann Holt. No legal records exist showing her legally changing her name. They are the most amazing thieves on the planet and Ass Miss A should be applauded for protecting all the potential victims out there and exposing these incredible crooks.


    The wine tour was to be a post baby celebration. They were not scheduled to actually do their tour until later this month. Of course they didn’t anticipate the tragedy, they anticipated a celebration.


    Check out Miss A’s blog. She has posted details through several recent articles. Salahis may not be squirming out this scam so easily. See the attached link from Travel Advisors concerning Salahi’s shady business. Several victims (eight) are now banning together to share information with local authorities. One of the victims has filed a suit scheduled before a Virginia courtroom on July 18th. If anyone reading this has been a victim or knows someone else. Suggest you post a review at Travel Advisor.


    Why is a pregnant woman going on a wine tour?


    Ok, so this trip the light fantastic couple are so broke they’re willing to rip off people for a lousy $650? If true, it sounds like a new low.


    These fraudulent people make my stomach hurt :-(


    I hope one of these people is filing suit! I don’t know who the governing body would be but surely they can seek redress through some governmental agency.


    Be sure to check their website for all their frauds:

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