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Jun 052011

On the last episode of the Real Housewives of New York, Sonja Morgan speaks of being invited to Saudi Arabia by the King after the Gulf_War . Some statements naturally peak the curiosity. Sonja Morgan, who claims to have been an “ambassador” for a New York City restaurant, before marrying John Adams Morgan, heir to the JP Morgan fortune.

Now Sonja Morgan is the same woman who embarrassed herself on Watch What Happens, Live by not knowing what had happened in Joplin MO.,  so she may have her wars incorrect. How did Sonja Tremont from upstate New York meet the King of Saudi Arabia?   Here are some of the clues into her past.

In this article by the original writer in Quest, the writer does a follow-up on Sonja:

1994 Quest Magazine Article About Sonja Morgan

Sonja appears to have been living that “Breakfast at Tiffany’s “ life.  In the 1994 article about her:

Sonja was “hostess” or “phone receptionist” at a very prosperous little Italian restaurant called San Pietro owned and run by four brothers named Bruno (still there, still prosperous) on East 54th between Madison and Fifth

The article goes on to say:

In the Quest piece (May 1994 issue) I listed some of them: John Gutfreund, Ronald Perelman, Alfred Taubman, Howard Kaminsky, Carl Icahn, Nelson Peltz, Donald Trump ,  Alessandro Marchessini, David Koch, Allen Grubman, Joe Perella, etc. Also some of the ladies often lunching at nearby tables: Barbara Walters, Andrea Eastman, Deborah Norville, Donna Acquavella, Dawn Mello, Deborah Grubman, Linda Wachner, Martha Stewart, Tiffany Dubin (Alfred Taubman’s stepdaughter).
“And they all know Sonja,” I wrote. Sonja told me at the time that they all knew her because “marketing” was her field and she saw her role at San Pietro as a marketer for the restaurant. Or so she said.

Shortly after the article was published, Sonja was fired for naming names.

After the article ran, however, Sonja was fired. I was surprised but I also didn’t see the two sides to the story I had written. However, some of the wives of the tycoons who patronized San Pietro were a little put out when they read their husbands’ names mentioned in association with … this girl who takes the reservations at San Pietro. And what else does she take? Etcetera. And so, of course, the husbands were a little put out that this girl had to mention their names. Ergo Sonja was put out. Of a job. On the street.

According to the article, she married Morgan several years later. The complete article is at The New York Social Diary.





  3 Responses to “Real Housewives of New York: Sonja Morgan’s Past”


    Wow, Ron Perelman, David Koch, Carl Icahn – those are some heavy hitters. I like Sonja but too bad she couldn’t use her access for good.


    I like Sonja. She breaks the mold and though she can’t hold her liquor she is flirty and fun.


    Well, Taubman and his wife had soon had waaaaaaaay more to worry about. LOL! And I’ll bet they complained the loudest.

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