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Jun 022011


Ramona Singer has certainly taken quite a few hits this season on the Real Housewives of New York.  From accusations of alcoholism to a cheating spouse, Ramona’s edit this season has not been exactly positive.  She’s even been accused of fighting with Jill Zarin to gain some of that Bethenny Frankel popularity, which, if true, is ridiculous.

In typical Ramona fashion, she has hit below the belt; letting all of twitter know of LuAnn de Lesseps’ daughter Victoria and her YouTube indiscretions, for which the 16 year old was thrown out of school.  We have yet to see any indication of the episode in which she slaps a Bravo producer, that most likely hit the cutting room floor.

Here’s what she had to say to Life and Style Weekly:

Ramona sits down with Life & Style to address the drinking, her nasty fight with Jill Zarin— and rumors that her husband is cheating
In an explosive fight in the upcoming June 2 episode of The Real Housewives of New York City, things get so intense with Ramona Singer and estranged friend Jill Zarin that Ramona is left in hysterics in her hotel room. “Jill had a lot of venom coming at me,” Ramona divulges to Life & Style in an exclusive interview. “That’s what got me so upset.” But with speculations of her drinking problem and a cheating husband, news delivered to her by a fortune teller, was it more than Jill that made her snap?
Despite having her own brand of wine, Ramona Pinot Grigio, she fights allegations of being an alcoholic: “I don’t drink more or less than anyone else, and I drink responsibly. Was I tipsy in Morocco that first night? Absolutely! You’re jet-lagged, so the alcohol hits you a little. But was I slurring my words? No.”
And the seer’s prediction could drive anyone to drink, but again Ramona balks at the nonsense of her husband cheating. “I’m happily married for 19 years. Do I flirt with other men? Absolutely. Does my husband enjoy looking at another woman who’s gorgeous? Absolutely. He’s a male — he’d better. It means his testosterone is still working! “

Most of the Real Housewives drink, some may be “functioning alcoholics”. I know several myself, LOL. So who really knows?

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  7 Responses to “Ramona Singer Discusses Her Breakdown on “Real Housewives of New York””


    Ramona has powdered eggs at this point and Mario has Ramona wandering eyes. She was quite the shit stirrer too. Jill is automatically that unless she is nice.Bwhahahahahahahaha. When? I dont know. lol. I love Jill for LOL purposes. I laugh at her and Danielle. I love them.LOL LOL LOL. If I am going to watch garbage on tv. let it be real garbage.LOL


    How dare any of the housewives call another out on mother hood. It’s evident these children are fed, clothed and are free to fin for themselves most of the time. These women run around in their pretend world of wealth and fake elite status. Ramona you go after everyone, your marriage is far from perfect your man has a wondering eye. He looks at other women like they are ice cream right in front of you. It is so obvious you want the camera pointed in your direction every second. If I was high society I would not be making an a..of myself on national TV for a few thousand $$$ an episode. Ramona there is no baby in your future except grandbaby.


    These women are vicious! makes for great TV….to find out more of the latest gossip and drama follow Jill on facebook at


      Ashton/Jill … do you spend ALL DAY drumming up FB, Twitter and newsletter followers? Sheesh. U R desperate to be liked – why? If you behaved like a nice person on TV you would have your former fans back.
      And, no. Not everyone has 2 faces. Just two-faced people have 2 faces.


    Judging from the interview, it just seems like Ramona is dodging any responsibility. She blames the fight on Jill Zarin’s “venom” and alludes that other housewives drink just a much or more. No one is perfect, but the road to being a better person begins with self realization.


      Ramona is crazy, fake and should not have her contract renewed. Drama is entertaining, but she is just nuts.


    Tonights episode looks like a telenovela 😉

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