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May 212011






Kara Keough, daughter of Jeana Keough of the Real Housewives of Orange County’s Jeana Keough, may get more media attention as the live-in girlfriend of baller Kyle Bosworth of the Jacksonville Jaguars than as an ex- Real Kid.

Jeana, recently featured on “Watch What Happens, Live!” with fellow alum Lauri Waring, must be beside herself with joy over this match. No stranger to the life of a professional athlete, Jeana is/was married to , formerly of the Oakland A’s.

The couple met as students at UCLA.  Kara recently graduated, rare for a Real Housewives offspring.

In the meantime, Shane Keough selling wedding packages?  Mr. Personality? His baseball career did not work out at all. Oh, but wait, Jeana is renting out her house for…guess what?  Weddings .

Any hustle in an economic storm, I say.

  9 Responses to “Kara Keough and Kyle Bosworth Shack Up/ Shane Keough Hustles Wedding Packages”


    Dear public do not throw stones, for we all live in glass houses!


    I host my girlfriends daughte’s wedding at my house and now I rent my house for weddings? Not true, but not a bad idea, Shane has been on has a job, and Colton has a job and is a fulltime student


    I’m watching old episodes on Bravo right now so this mini update on what they’re doing now is fun. Shockerrrrr, Jeana Keough’s son is an unemployed bum. Like father (and mother), like son. It’s an absolute MIRACLE Kara turned out so well. The best thing she can do is stay in Florida and far away from those crazies in Cali. lol… I was team-Jeana for years until the last season. She REALLY needs to get a life…hopefully she has since she was last shown on TV…butting her fat self into Tamra’s life and marriage. Where does she get the nerve!? She is the last person on the planet to judge someone else’s marriage and what behavior is or isn’t acceptable. LOL@renting out her house for marriages…yeah, I’m sure people are knocking down the doors reserving THAT! How many have actually had their wedding there? My guess is NONE. 😉


    Yay. LOL. TY darling I had no idea. I love coming to your site, it is the best. Jeana is one funny woman. I cannot stand that two headed medusa Taaaammmmmrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaa.LOL. Her daughter looks great.


    Jeanna Keough is nothing but a uneducated pig. She spread her legs and noone should even consider anything that comes out of her mouth. I hope her daughter doesn’tbecome the whore like her mother. Jeanna go to school even at your age. Your nothing!


      Susie you may want to consider English classes yourself dear.

      Jeanna is one of the few housewives that has worked to support herself, that’s more than what can be said for white trash Tammy Sue Waddle, Lynn Curtain or Laurie Peterson.

      Kara is a beautiful girl, I can’t wait to see what is next for her.


        Kara is a spoiled skank that makes $30.000 a year but acts like a millionaire. Brian will dump her when it has run it’s course.

        Sad that he didnt think he ca do any better than this hothead with stringy hair, an enormous forehead a botoxed lips. She is fake and shallow.

        They all abuse their brain-injured Father, and that is why I can not stand this family.



    “This is exactly what Jeana would want for Kara.” Sad commentary on jeana, but unfortunately completely true.

    Shane is a loser. I am sure he still gets some action based on his looks and tiny bit of fame; but he has zero skills. I hope karma is really kicking him in the ass, re: his brother’s blossoming baseball career. Shane was (and I am sure still is) a worthless bully. Finally getting what he deserves.

    On the bright side: wow! Kara look great in this photo!


    Um…I actually “reported” on these developments weeks ago.

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