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Apr 182011


Well folks, it seems all the ACTION  goes down on Watch What Happens, Live, with Andy Cohen.  More entertaining than the actual show, Andy had Tamra Barney and Eddie Judge from the Real Housewives of Orange County  as his guests last night. 

Tamra, in a too short too tight shiny thing that exposed a massive amount of boobage, and Eddie, looking like a deer in headlights and grinning too much throughout the segment, were entertaining. Tamra is more likable as she seems to own her behavior and makes no apologies for it. Eddie, whose real name is Eduardo Torres, was taken in by an attorney in Orange County, last name Judge, and took on his name.

Andy brought up what Gretchen Rossi and Slade Smiley told comedian Jay Mohr when they were on last week: about Eddie being a gay man, acting as a beard for Tamra. All three got a pretty good laugh out of it. Jacqueline Laurita of the Real Housewives of New Jersey made a brief appearance, as the publicity for Season 3, to debut May 16, is about to go into overdrive.

Well. after the show Gretchen and  Slade call in, basically calling Jay Mohr a liar, and coming up wit petty excuses to hide behind

Protest too much?

Tamra points out they have too many legal problems to gossip about her.  Good point.

In a sneak peek to an upcoming episode, Slade’s mother comes from Anchorage, Alaska to defend Slade and his lack of support for is son, Grayson,10, who suffers from a brain tumor, and Slade reportedly owes $100,000 in child support.

Was Andy being snide when he mentions Gretchen Christine Beaute?  Hmmmm……

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  12 Responses to “Tamra Barney and Eddie Judge On “Watch What Happens, Live “”


    Every single one of you could have spent all of five minutes and searched for his job title. it is COO/IT, had you put that into your search engine you would have found you do not need to be a Lawyer, EVEN IN CALIFORNIA to hold that title. He does not act as a lawyer, he acts as the person responsible for the managerial tasks of that law firm. COMPLETELY LEGAL to do.
    Large law firms act as big corporations if you will, and the lawyers can not tackle the business, managerial side of running the business, IT, support staff…this is what Eddie appears to do.


    Leslie. He is not a lawyer. Did he represent himself to be? On the show he said he owns the firm but is not a licensed attorney. It’s a criminal offense to give legal advice or pretend you’re a lawyer in California.

    Where is the video where Eddie says he is the owner of this law firm?


    I always thought that Edward was a lawyer and he definitely owns the Judge Law firm, at least through his daddy James Judge. The Judge law firm handles all our association’s lawsuits and we get a lot of grief from the homeowners because of Eddie. They are borderline collection agency scam business. We really need to get a new law firm.

    If he is not a lawyer, what does he do?


    Eddie did have a sugar daddy since his teens – A gay man named James Judge. After Eddie turned legal, he took Judge’s last name. He also took his legal practice and now runs a law firm. James Judge doesn’t do anything besides provide the name and vehicle for reckless greedy Eddie to steal money.

    Eddie cannot (legally) own a law firm, despite what he said on Andy Cohen’s show and as also stated by folks in these comments. He is not a lawyer and has NO formal education.

    “Non-lawyers cannot be owners in a law firm b/c it is illegal for licensed attorneys to share legal fees with non-lawyers. So either: a) Eddie is full of shit; or b) Eddie and his dad are breaking the law.”

    It’s b). Eddie and Dad are breaking the law. CA State Bar Association should be informed. If they watched the Andy Cohen’s show, they are informed!

    Eddie is only with Tamera because he wanted to be on TV. He has been using people since his teens and still does. I’m sure Tamera knows and understands the game.

    Eddie’s own friends claim he is gay.


    Yes, it is illegal for a non-lawyer to own an interest in a law firm. Obviously, Eddie cannot be disbarred b/c he is not a lawyer, but his father could be for unethical conduct.


    Isn’t it illegal for a non-lawyer to own an interet in a law firm in Caliornia? Eddie said he’s not a lawyer but owns a law firm with his dad. Hmmmm, Eddie might have drawn a bit too much attention to hmself.


    I believe Jay Mohr. This is how I think it went down. JM meets Gretch and Slimey. JM asks them some questions about the show, or behind the scenes stuff. Then i think G&S went off about Tamara and then said what they said about Eddie. I have NO doubt they have been going around saying that about him. And i think Tamara is correct; they are now backpedaling b/c they are getting flak for it now.


    Tamra is gross and Eddie’s smile is creepy! I feel sorry for her children.


      AGREE 100%!! Tamara is gross & Eddie’s smile is creepy…. couldn’t have said it better myself. Her poor children.


    Tamra is looking more and more like an over-aged hooker.
    Eddie comes off as her pimp and Andy should be embarrassed he’s featuring them. What losers.


    At the end when she and her girlfriend Edith put on the sleep masks and mimiced Slade I was dying! That really was very funny and made having to sit and look at her Legs by Crisco and his gay fucking smile worth it!

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