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Apr 162011


Background:  Gretchen Christine Beaute was always considered “shady” at best, fraudulent at worst, the news that anyone who ordered the makeup was steered to   Slade’s PayPal Address

from DBKP:

One year later Gretchen Rossi and Slade Smiley are now officially engaged in a lawsuit related to Gretchen’s makeup line, Gretchen Christine Beaute, the lawsuit–filed by Gretchen’s business partner-Gretchen’s long time and now former makeup artist and extremely angry former friend RonAnn Meyers.

RonAnn appeared in season five of RHOOC in Bravo footage which seems to bolster her claim she was a partner in Gretchen’s makeup line. (One wonders if Bravo is happy about having yet another cast member embroiled in a lawsuit where Bravo footage might be aired in court.

On April 13, 2011, RonAnn filed a lawsuit naming Gretchen Rossi and Slade Smiley as the defendants in a 37-page lawsuit. Some of RonAnn’s claims: ‘breach of oral contract’, ‘fraud/deceit’ and ‘fraudulent conspiracy’. RonAnn is seeking in excess of $100,000 in damages and a trial before a jury.

In other Gretchen Rossi court related news, Gretchen was ordered to pay over $40,000, but, are reported here yesterday, thedirty reports she is claiming she doesn’t have it..

The latest lawsuit involves both Gretchen and Slade as defendants. Slade’s other court case, Slade’s October 2010 court claim he’s too destitute and indigent to pay back child support for his son  Grayson, who suffers from a rare form of brain cancer.  Slade Smiley’s Court Documents

Over at the Bravo footage vault, scenes from season five, episode 14, the episode where Gretchen and RonAnn worked together on selecting the right shades of makeup and cosmetic containers for the new makeup line.


Gretchen Rossi’s long time makeup artist and current business partner, Ron Ann, discuss preparations for the upcoming Women’s Empowerment Conference where Gretchen will unveil her new makeup line.

More details from the lawsuit

In the lawsuit RonAnn claimed she had been Gretchen’s friend and personal makeup artist for seven years.

RonAnn claimed in February of 2009 after RonAnn mentioned she was planning her own makeup line, ‘Wiinks’, Gretchen ‘expressed an immediate interest’ in becoming RonAnn’s business partner.

The partnership was a 50/50 deal in ownership, control, and profits.

Agreeing to ‘pool their resources’, Gretchen and RonAnn each deposited $5,000 in a joint business bank account. RonAnn claimed that at a later date Gretchen cleaned out the account–over $2,100–without informing RonAnn. RonAnn had to pay the overcharge fees and close the account.

RonAnn claimed in February of 2009, Gretchen and Slade Smiley ‘unilaterally moved to change the name of the makeup line’ eliminating ‘Wiinks’.

RonAnn had a long established relationship with Lady Burd, a private label manufacturer.

RonAnn claimed Gretchen and Slade cut her out of the loop, negotiating a deal with Lady Burd Cosmetic’s New York office.


Gretchen just can’t seem to keep herself out of courtrooms. Will Bravo drop her?  Listening to and taking the advice of Slade Smiley is working so well for her, ya’ think?




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  9 Responses to “Explosive Allegations Against Gretchen Rossi, Slade Smiley In Makeup Business Partner Lawsuit”


    What I love is that you lame as people are posting “Team RonAnne”, “Team Jay”
    Ron Anne Myers had no case, it was a basic shake down and was BS which is why it was dropped and she is now where to be found. That Jay dude was found guilty of stalking and ordered to Pay Miss Rossi $530,000. If Gretchen, or Slade for that matter where shady in anyway then why does her company keep getting bigger and bigger. They become more successful everyday. Shows how desperate people are to tear at people in the spot light. Every negative post about her has been proven wrong in court.


    Wow…just noticed how horrible Gretchen’s eyebrows look this season and remembered that Ron-Ann was the one who used to style them. I decided to google thier make-up line, and came across this article. Gretchen makes plenty of money from the HW show and she could easily just play fair and give this woman her fair share of the agreed upon verbal contract. Now it is true that Ron-Ann should have gotten something in writing, but probably was thinking she could trust her friend of 7 years! Yikes. Anyhow, Gretchen, if you’re reading this, your eyebrows look awful….pay Ron-Ann what you owe her and maybe she can fix them for ya.


    TEAM RONNANN!!!!!!


    Their crap is SO ragged right now. She’s got at least $150,000+ in judgements already. RED FLAG SMILEY – TIME TO BAIL DUDE ……………………


    Team RonnAnn!!!


    I just hope they both get what’s coming to them. When does that slimeball ever plan on paying his child support. I can’t stand watching them. Her laugh is worse than Alex McCords, and I thought that was pretty bad. She breys like a jackass. Sorry to all the mules out there.


    It sure all makes a lot more sense now. You hear people all the time wondering how someone as nice as Gretchen would get involved with someone like slade. It’s because she in reality is just as devious and slimy as he is. They really are the perfect pair and deserve each other. Hopefully when all is said and done they can eventually end up serving time in prisons that are near each other…


    This is interesting, I definitely will be watching as this unfolds. If Gretchen was diverting funds to Slade she’s about to be in deep doodoo with the IRS. Money laundering is nothing to play with. Lady Burd is not exclusive, so Gretchen didn’t have to go behind anyones back. All she had to do was pay the state of CA a fee to get a resale/retail license and Lady Burd will do business with you. I’ve been a customer of theirs for over 10yrs, they’re a whole sale manufacturer, plain and simple. And I’m a little confused because I thought the name Gretchen Christine Beaute was imprinted on the packaging and Gretchen was the “face” of the cosmetics line. How was she not aware of this? That beauty expo they debuted the line at did not feature “Wiink Cosmetics”, so when did the alleged deception begin? Very interesting to say the least. Lots of twists and turns!


    Wow! Gretchen might look like just another airheaded blonde goldigging OC “woman of integrity”, she is actually alot more devious and scheming than I gave her credit for being. I remember this Ron-Ann gal from that flop of a makeup show last season. I always wonder what happens to these people that appear on these shows from time to time as “friends” of people, and then you never see them again or hear about them. Well, now I know! They are suing for breach of contract! Good for her. I hope she nails Gretchen’s lying bimbo buttocks in court. The next thing you know is Gretchen is going to have to file bankruptcy because she won’t be able to pay all of the judgements she owns to her former friends and lovers.

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