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Mar 172011

The show may be “Real,” but his home, apparently, is not.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie yesterday suspended — and demanded the resignation of — the husband of one of the “Real Housewives of New Jersey” from a water commission, saying he misled officials about his “real” residence.

Christie said Albert Manzo, whose wife, Caroline, is a star of the reality show, had claimed in 2008 — when he was nominated to serve on the North Jersey Water District Supply Commission — that he lived in the Brownstone restaurant in Paterson, which he co-owns.

In reality, Christie said, Manzo lives with his wife in Franklin Lakes, in a home featured in episodes of the Bravo reality show.

Manzo maintains the Brownstone is his legal residence and he won’t resign.

Update: Gov. Christie fired Albert Manzo

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Gov. Christie suspended “Real Housewives of New Jersey” hubby from water commission –

  15 Responses to “Albert Manzo Lives At The Brownstone?- Allegedly”


    Now let’s keep it real if you remember on their Anniversary show both Caoline and Albie celebrated at the Brownstone it was stated they have an apartment there they stay in and that the husband is there alot due to business and when they were first married that was their family home but still maintain it they have 2 homes like alot of people, only thing is in Minnesota they call it a cabin…New Jersey Governor please get serious it does not exactly make you look like a very intelligent person by your statements or is someone putting pressure on you to try and make the Manzos look bad.. you would surely loose my vote..Have a nice day :)


    There is a good reason Gov. Christie is targeting Manzo and others.


    Does being on the commission require residence in a certain county, or city? that is the only way this really makes sense. Otherwise, yeah, Christie is making a big deal over basically nothing. However, i think he is a great governor, and more states need governors like him (I dont live in NJ). HARD decisions will need to made everywhere. Good for him for actually doing what is necessary. Sorry about the blind, but that sort of thing should be taken care of by private charities/organizations. FAR too many people are FAR too used to the state carrying them. time to take care of yourself! And time to do some work in your own community! the state is not your caretaker! See the difference between Japan and the people in N.O. after Katrina. People in Japan do not expect the government is going to bail them out of everything. Self-reliance people! This country has become soft, it must end, and Christie is on the leading edge of this, politician wise.


    I agree with kas. It does matter that Albert Manzo lied about where he lives. He shouldn’t get any money for his bogus side “job”.


      Manzo resigned his position. Now hopefully, CC can concentrate on the real problems in NJ. Very unlikely since all he does is state hop. I hope he drops his “huge” concern in regard to Manzo’s address. The Brownstone has been in business for years, hires many and will continue to be successful. Manzo’s resignation will have no consequences in regard to the business.


    Good for Christie. The Manzos seem shady as far as I’m concerned. Albert “earned a pension, state benefits, some authority and a $7,500 yearly salary.” Even if it seems like a drop in the bucket to some people, he’s working the system, and I hope Christie flushes as many of these stupid jobs down the toilet as possible.


      Like the way he wants to lay off 20 teachers of the blind. Camden laid off police, this morning they are hiring 50. Newark laid off police now that city is dealing with a huge car theft ring. And, isn’t it great that, we the taxpayers have to pay for Gov. to state hop. He spends more time state hoping then he does in NJ. There are a lot more very important issues than Manzo’s address.


        I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but your State is broke. I don’t think The Governor hates THE BLIND. Nor does he have an issue with teachers, cops, or other Government employees.

        What the Manzos lied about matters. They work for the State.


        By the way I do know NJ is broke as is the entire US. I never said CC hates the blind but laying off teachers of the blind is very sad. So take Manzo’s commissioner job from him, I don’t think financial it will hurt Manzo. I find it so hard to believe that with all that is going on in NJ CC is focusing on Manzo’s address. CC works for the state too but I bet he is not going to pay more for his health benefits/pension. I remember when he was campaigning he promised the residents of NJ that he would cut property taxes and cut the Homestead Rebate. Well I hope everyone that believed him is happy now. I just got my 2nd quarter property tax statement. My cut was a whopping 130.00, my HR was 3x that. Just another typical politician, promise them everything, give them nothing.


    Who really cares where Albert Manzo lives? Doesn’t CC have more important things to deal with. For instance, the NJ economy. Maybe CC is angry that Manzo’s home is bigger than the Christie residence in Mendham. Gov. CC please concentrate on the issues that are really important to the people of NJ, not someone’s address.


    Doesn’t he live in New Jersey? What difference does it make?

    If he uses that as his legal residence for other purposes why would it be different for this? I think there is a legal test for it and if you pass the legal test… then it seems like they’re barking up the wrong tree.

    It is not like he lives in Florida and claims to live in NJ.

    There is an apartment at the Brownstone in Paterson and with the hours worked there, I would not be surprised if he lived there enough of the time to count it as a residence!

    I think Christie should look for more ways to buck up the state than by wasting time on something like this. He just wants to control all the commissions, but for good or bad they’re supposed to be independent.


      Mary Jane, exactly the way I feel. I am sure the Manzo’s pay a hefty property tax for their home in Franklin Lakes, (bergen county) not to mention for the Brownstone. Plus the sales tax charged for functions held at that Brownstone. So the man has an apt. at his business. I guess in the Gov. eyes Manzo’s apt. trumps unemployment in NJ. Very sad, indeed.


    Albert Lied? I thought Caroline assured us that the Manzos were the most upstanding citizens ever to set foot in New Jersey.

    I, for one, am SHOCKED.


    Good Catch! What don’t the Jersey folks lie about? Al and Caroline never seemed like much of a couple, so this is not so surprising.

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