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Mar 132011

This story comes from thedirty, where several members of the Peterson/Waring clan, including Josh Waring, and Ashley Zarlin, Lauri Waring’s adult children, have a connection.  This may or may not be true.

Bria Peterson is the youngest daughter of George and Gina Peterson, who divorced several years ago. He subsequently married Lauri Waring of the Real Housewives of Orange County, and the “Brady Bunch” as they called themselves, were featured on seasons 2 and 3.  We seldom saw Bria and Danyka, one of his other daughters, because Gina refused to allow her minor children on the show.

Lauri left at the beginning of season 4 as Josh was imprisoned for drug trafficking, and Peterson took the house on Dana Point from Gina, and the subsequent bad publicity became too much.


In thedirty:

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, it has been 50 days since anyone has heard from Bria Peterson. She is a beautiful, 14 year old 8th grader from California who has been physically, verbally, and emotionally abused by her father. She has called social services numerous times, but her father has payed them off and convinced them that she is a liar, hurting herself and needed therapy. On January 6th, 2011 her boyfriend had driven her to the Newport Beach police department to try and get help, they had sent her to Orangewood and her father had taken her home later that night. On the same night, her father had broken into her boyfriends house trying to hurt him. No one has seen or heard from Bria since that night. Not even her own mother. The father has kept her away from the world. Her family, friends and boyfriend miss her dearly. If this gets posted, someone could possibly help find Bria so she could be safe and with her friends and family again and away from her crazy father for good. We need all the help possible!


Josh’s Reality

Lauri, Gina and George

Slayte Peterson, An Angry Young Man

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    Monarch/Gina…This is not a soap box for you to get on! You have not said one word about your child. Now she is 18, when you told Nik from The Dirty that she was 14 and had been missing for 50 days. So, what is it? Who does not know where their little girl is? I don’t care about your divorce problems, I’m concerned about that missing child!


      Monarch is not Gina


      You sure have a lot invested in this story, “my cat” with your commentary becoming more convincing as to your true identity – It’s also sounding more desperate. I realize your business has countless computers, as does your home and those who support you.

      Bria is NOT 18, she is, indeed, 14 and it was NOT Gina who reported this story about her young daughter on some sleezy website owned by someone who dated Ashley Zarlin. Think about it.

      If Gina was not held hostage by a bogus restraining order, she would call Bria’s father to inquire where her daughter is….But that is what George is hoping for so he can have Gina arrested. Oh, and your concern about, “That missing child”? Right!


    To whomever, Stop all this defending the mother…where is that child? Nobody cares about how awful these parents all are…where is that little girl??? You people are on this band wagon of hate for each other, and not one of you have mentioned Bria! So, does anybody know? I will personal contact the proper authorities and see that this issue is taken care of…starting now!!!


    I love this website – visit it for updates daily. However, these replies about trying to clear Gina Peterson’s good name are ridiculous! I am sure she is a great woman, and mom but who gives a sh*t at this point.

    Where. Is. This. Child? If my 14 year old daughter was missing – or my friend or an aquaintance of mine had a missing child, I would not care What in hells bells ANYONE thought of me, I would want my child back. Why is nobody but click/click focusing on this question????!! I googled this childs name and cannot find anything about her being reported missing to the police. Do they think it was an abduction, a runaway, does anyone know?


    I didn’t mean to imply that I support GP. I don’t know anyone in this public drama. I was stating the headline of this story says the teenager is “Missing” as in Amber Alert missing. She sounds like a runaway.
    To those of you who do know the players I’m sure there is a lot of information that supports your opinions. To me, a casual viewer of RHOC (and a former resident of OC) I don’t have access to the same information so it’s harder to damn the people involved.
    Whatever the dynamics everyone sounds very messed up.


    I hope that the ex Mrs. Peterson realizes that there is nothing left to lose here and provides some of the evidence I hear she has been collecting for years. All the kids except Bria (who went to school with my daughter) is now over 18. I hear she kept quiet for there sake, but Bria has lived with it the longest and is suffering the most.

    Hope Absurb to Sublime can help get this out and Ex Mrs. Peterson is willing to let if fly…FINALLY!! Where is BRIA is still the question.


    Can anyone answer the million $ question…Where is Bria? If my 14 yr. old daughter had not been seen in 50 days, I’d be beside myself, not pleading with Nic on The Dirty!


      Seems you are implying Bria’s mother contacted The Dirty. It amazes me how so much speculation is derived from people who think they know this woman and side with the real perpetrator – the father.

      You have no idea what this family has been put through – for years – the never ending battles the mother has fought – for years!

      Why not log on to the Orange County Superior Court, County of Orange and type in George Peterson’s name where you will find page after page of fabricated allegations, emergency ex partes, vast number of conintuances that was awarded him. Then wander over and look at Lauri Waring’s filings that are just as numerous and almost identical to what George has put his ex wife through. Try to do a little investigating prior to offering your uninformed “opinion”. Just an idea!


    I dunno. I’ve heard all of this before and I don;t believe most of it. The scummy sheriff that GP was supposively using for protection has been out of office for years (I think he’s in jail himself). Why would CPS not take action if they believed something bad was going on? Bribes? Really? Really?
    I do believe the divorce hiding assests business. That’s pretty common. Being a pissed off, controlling asshole is not child abuse.


    To Monarch, where is the missing little girl, Bria?


    To Admin, I dug up all the dirt from Dennis Rodman to her woes and troubles with George and Lauri. I read all the letters from Josh and Slayte. I have totally lost respect for Lauri! If all this is true. But my main concern is the missing 14 year old little girl.


    Have these people notified the police? And Georges ex was living in Lauri’s house? I recall on one episode when Lauri said that Josh moved in with George’s ex, and she was crying about it. Hell, she didn’t want him either. “What child does this to their own parent”. And if the boyfriend was the last to see her, why hasn’t he been questioned by police? This all sounds kinda’ shady. Does anyone know the real details?


      George got a court order so that Gina could no longer live in the house they once shared. It does sound shady, but people who know the mother are confirming it.


        To set the record straight, George Peterson was ordered by judge Nancy Pollard to put Gina on the title to their home back in Feb 2006 – George doesn’t follow the rules, never has, thinking rules don’t apply to him. That, my friends, is what money and friends by the likes of the recently imprisoned OC sheriff, Mike Carona, political affiliates that George donated large sums of money to in exchange for favors will do for you – silnce the mouths of those who are screaming the truth!

        Gina designed and oversaw the construction of their home and lived in it for twenty years. California is a 50/50 community property state, right? Why then is Gina still waiting for her half of the proceeds from the sale of their home? The fountain boat shown on S-2 that George was keeping in “hiding” was to keep Gina from any proceeds of that sale – On the show, very early on in G&L relationship, Lauri is on record saying that she convinced George to take the $400,000 boat out of “storage”!

        George went in on an emergency ex parte and told the judge the house had sold and due to close escrow in less than ten days. The judge, with no proof of a sale whatsoever, honored George’s request and gave the ex wife a generous 5 days to vacate an almost 6000 sq ft home with 20 years of belongings – and the children were NEVER allowed to have closure on their childhood home. Add to that, the house sat empty and unsold for over 90 days.

        Gina met George when they had nothing. She raised all her children in that home, was a stay at home mom, who asked George for an amicable divorce after discovering he was in the heat of his “second” affair – both affairs were with mid-twenty secretaries that worked for George. George settled out of court with the first secretary and Gloria Allred was hired to represent the second affair. Then along came Lauri Waring and the show! Add kids that are threatened within an inch of their lives, a man who only wanted custody of the kids to prevent from paying child support and to hurt Gina for refusing to stay with him, and you have George Peterson – Lauri’s Knight in Shining Armor!

        The Peterson children are victims of extreme Parental Alienation. They have been physically attacked, viciously abused verbally, and even threatened to have their dogs euthanized if they don’t do what they are told.

        Now that the children are older and like, Bria, she went to the police “thinking” she would finally be helped. CPS was called after George kicked Danyka, who just turned 17 out of the house, left for the Bahamas, and then upon his return, reported her as a runaway.

        There is so much to this very sad story that will be revealed with rock solid proof to back it. It will take time for the children to heal, to be able to trust again, for some kids who suffer Parental Alienation, they have, out of desperation, since NO ONE listenend, ended up taking their own lives.

        Josh moved into Gina’s home AFTER Lauri kicked him out of hers – Lauri was too busy trying to land George! Josh’s letter, his statements offered to Frank Mickadeit on the OCR confirm what I am saying. Gina didn’t know at the time who Josh was. She received a call from Slayte around 11pm one evening saying his friends car broke down and asked if Gina would pick them up. Gina went so far to have Lauri’s car pushed to the side of the road. That next morning is when Gina was told who Josh was – it was early on in George and Lauri’s relationship during S-2 and Gina, being the loving person she is, offered a place for Josh to stay – there was no ulterior motive whatsoever. Josh wrote very kind letters to, and about Gina for her helping him. That is the type of person Gina is.


        It’s been so sad for the kids all these years. Good to hear from you, Monarch


        It’s been so sad for the kids all these years. Good to hear from you, Monarch


        Thank you, Admin!

        Yes, it has been far too long for this story to get the recognition it deserves. I always believed that eventually the kid’s would tell their own stories, and they are via photos, emails, texts, voice-mails, etc. Those avenues speak volumes to the validity of what I, and countless others have been trying to relay to the public ever since Peterson signed on for the show.

        I would like to point one of the most significant effects Parental Alienation plays out in the lives of children caught in its ugly web – their vascillation between siding with one parent and then the other. This is b/c they are looking for validation, love, and some form of normalcy – They want the support of both parents. Don’t be surprised to find comments coming from some of the Peterson children siding with their father after being advised by George to speak out in his defense; that should be expected. However, Peterson’s totally fabricated life will finally get the exposure it is due.

        Bottom line is this -George has money, their mother does not. As a young adult, or teenager, which parent will the child gravitate toward most when push comes to shove? However, for some of the children, no amount of money can erase or cause the horrendous, flat-out abuse and painful alienation that will haunt his children for the rest of their lives.

        George stole precious years from their mother and their mothers entire family.

        Ashly Zarlin, Lauri’s 26 y/o daughter is still living with, who she desribes as her “parents”. Like her mom, Ashley knows how to “play the game” – to her advantage. George just leased a new Mercedes for the girl who, from all accounts, is on Twitter posing as a jet-setting celebrity by riding on the Housewives wave.

        Ashley and Lauri are both eyewitness’s to the goings on under the Peterson roof! They remind me of the two evil step-sisters who think of no one but themselves and are accomplices to what I deem as child abuse.

        George Peterson’s actions will forever leave its mark on his family. That is very sad, indeed!

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