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Mar 062011

Update March 7:  On the premiere episode , only Ryan Vieth,  Tamra’s oldest son by another marriage, appears in her intro background

Is that why Tamra had him arrested?

Simon Barney ex  Tamra Barney of the Real Housewives of Orange County  has been arrested for throwing a dog leash at her. He was released on $10,000 bond.

The Story:

The Orange County Sheriff’s Department has confirmed that Simon Barney, husband of The Real Housewives of Orange County star Tamra Barney, was arrested for domestic battery early this morning. The Sheriff’s Department did not provide details of the arrest, but sources say Tamra called the police after the couple — who are in the process of filing for divorce — began arguing over their dog, and Simon allegedly threw a leash at Tamra and hit her on the wrist. Barney remains in custody on $10,000 bail and is scheduled to appear in court tomorrow. Bravo has yet to respond to EW’s request for comment.

Simon’s side of the story:

There are a lot of rumors and speculation about the events of September 20th. I am confident and have faith that the truth will come out in the courts instead of the media. This incident was a setup by my ex-wife and she is already using it to make a claim for 100% custody of our children. It stems primarily from me refusing permission for our children to be filmed on her reality show, ‘Real Housewives of Orange County.’

“Recently my ex-wife and the production company have pressured me to allow the children to be filmed. I have always refused because I don’t believe it is in our children’s best interest to be exploited in this way. This has not set well with my ex-wife. If she succeeds in obtaining 100% custody, she will then be able to give permission for the children to be filmed even though I object.

“I have never been a danger to either my ex-wife or our children, as she has recently claimed. As so many people know, I love our children more than anything in the world. To me, it is tragic that any parent would go to such extreme measures as using custody to allow their children to be filmed on a reality program. I pray for my ex wife and our children all the time.”

Well, well. well, you can’t put the worms back in the can, Simon!  So now, after filming the children for three seasons, it’s suddenly ” not in their best interests?”  Tamra is apparently willing to play hardball with him, thus the domestic violence charge. This happened, by the way, at Tamra’s house as she was having a birthday party for one of the children, and yes, Eddie Judge, Tamra’s new love interest, was there.

On Tuesday, Tamra Barney appeared at Lamoreaux Justice Center in Orange to start the process of filing a restraining order against Simon. The two, who were depicted in three seasons of “Real Housewives of Orange County,” have three children together.

This fight is in rounds, watch what happens.

The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 6 premieres in January 2011.


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  8 Responses to “Simon Barney’s Children Will Not Be On RHOOC Season 6”


    when she had a party trying to get gretchn wasted her kids where in the kitchen they where all drink and talking trash not a good look with the kids , and simon has said some thing a time are two about the kids being on camra and he thougth he had to watch tamra because look
    now that he is not around she is digg her self in deep
    she may lose those kids .


    I would be mean too if I had to hold back someone like Tamra. I know that Simon has his faults, but I do give him credit for telling Tamra certain things were not acceptable, like when the children were having a party and Tamra and her friend started laughing and talking about “Tea Bagging” yes, I would be upset too and when he called her down about her dresses being too revealing. One more thing in my opinion, I don’t believe Simon physically abused her during their marriage. As mean and vindictive as Tamra is, I don’t think Simon ever physically abused her. She likes to poor mouth to the press and anyone else that will listen. Just let her do her thing Simon and mark it up to a bad experience and don’t let her and all the haters out there rob your joy.
    God Bless You and Your Children.


    When 2 peoples hook up if they are not in perfect hormony it not going to work


    I agree with SkittPrincess. I never liked Simon. To bad Tamara got that dumb tattoo on her finger. Well, she can turn it into mommy like Pam Anderson did. Simon is just mad that he lost her. I bet Vicki is Whoo Hoo!


    Soooo wrong of Crazy Tamra to try to file charges for abuse, when Simon is definitely not dumb enough to go to his kid’s birthday party and commence to whooping their mothers ass in the front yard. Whoever is dumb enough to believe this isn’t exactly what Simon calls it, a ploy to gain complete custody, is out of their minds.
    Simon *IS* a big whiny-baby, and a completly barbaric, idiot of a husband, but the guy does seem to love and want the best for his children, and seems honestly hurt by the new relationship between Tamra and his friend so soon after their split.
    Surely the courts will see through this display, and award 50/50 custody. Watch What Happens! lol!


      Then WHY was it ok to film his kids when HE was on the show. Best interest my a$$. He is once again trying to be controlling of Tamra.


    None of us knows what really happens between a husband and wife, Tamra isn’t exactly an angel her appearance basically is trashy, never saw her as the epitome of a good mother. She appears to be self-centered, as to Simon he appeared on the show as a mean person, but again we only know what we seen of the family on the show. But if she wants total custody of the kids to have them on the show than shame on her.

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