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Feb 272011

new cast members Melissa Gorga and Kathy Wakile with Kim D. (center)



Season 3 of the Real Housewives of New Jersey will return May 7, 2011 according to Wikipedia (consider the source).  Bravo plans to run 28 episodes with the Jersey girls next season.  Here’s a rundown of the tentative episode titles:

1. Welcome Back New and Old Housewives! May 7, 2011

2. Teresa Has Had Enough. May 14, 2011

3. Danielle Is Out. May 21, 2011

4. Happy Days, Sad Days. May 28, 2011

5. Jacqueline Says Goodbye? June 4, 2011

6. Kim G. Steps In- June 18, 2011

7. Paris is Like Jersey- June 25, 2011

8. Snooki Has Game- June 25, 2011

9. Fourth of July, Winter of July. July 2, 2011

10. Step In, Step Out, Take A Run- July 9, 2011

11. So You Think You Can’t Salsa?- July 16, 2011

12. Pay For Jay- July 23, 2011

13. Joe Pays for Tara’s Game- July 30, 2011

14. Deena Had Game- August 6, 2011


Last season this website broke the story of  Joe Giudice’s girlfriend Tara, in the article Who’s Tara?.   Look’s like we all find out in Season 3.  Does Jacqueline Laurita leave the show to be replaced by hanger-on Kim Granatell?  It certainly reads that way. Apparently we witness Danielle Staub’s departure from the show.

If this time frame is correct, Bravo is bringing the New Jersey Housewives back for May sweeps , prime advertising time. Will you watch?

But of course you will.

Watch What Happens



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The Real Housewives of New Jersey – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (THIS PAGE WAS  DELETED)

  21 Responses to “Tara Revealed on Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 3”


    I think Melissa, for the camera’s; acts like she wants Joe and Teresa to make up. When Teresa asked Melissa to meet with her, Melissa was stirring the pot. She was very cold, and provoking. Teresa put the olive branch out, but Melissa kept batting the branch away. Teresa’s intentions were to move forward and be family again. However, Melissa doesn’t seem to want that. It’s clear, that Melissa does NOT like Teresa at all, I only hope her brother see’s it.


    Is Bravo going to do a spin-off reality prison series starring Joe? See how tuff he is in there? Could get a lot of viewers if Joe survives more than a couple of weeks. Teresa can bring him a file in a deep dish pizza.

    I saw that Bravo is doing a spin off called something like “Boyz 2 Manzos” about the 2 loser Manzo boys living in NYC. One flunked out of law school in his first semester, the other quit his job as Daddy’s boy in da restaurant. All they need is for their lazy, dumb “cousin” Ashley to move in with them. They could rename the series “The Three Stooges”.


    would just like to knoow when the housewives will be back for season 3 in the uk and what channel it will be on thanks




    Looks like Kim D has had some work done, no? She was nowhere NEAR that good looking or youthful last year…..


    The production company will really cover the Giudice story. Tara has been an open secret for at least a year now. Never thought that part of the story would come to television


    When any of the other “housewives” got kicked off the show, they just didn’t appear again in the new season, so I wonder why there is a “Danielle is Out” episode then. Possibly it’s because Caroline, Teresa, and Jac did so much yacking and obsessing over Danielle that it actually gives them a storyline instead of just standing around drinking coffee in Caroline’s kitchen. Also, why so many episodes? I thought this last season of RH Atlanta was too long–I can’t imagine why the Jersery girls need more than a regular season. I really don’t need to watch more episodes of Teresa screaming in that awful, cartoonish voice of hers and attacking people, but if there really is an episode where she finds out about her hubby’s other “broad” and is finally embarrassed on TV like she deserves after denying the truth in interviews, I will definetly watch that!!


    Danielle left the show long before they started filming the new season. I therefore suspect this is a hoax.


      They always have an exit episode, everyone except DeShawn Snow. Remember, most people don’t read blogs and message boards, they would not know Danielle was fired. Bravo can play her exit any way they want.


        OY! I won’t watch if I have to see Danielle the Skank. She is so disgusting…so much for NJ and my DVR…I’m sticking with BH, ATL & maybe OC….


    None of the Housewives seasons have gone 28 episodes, that is a pretty obvious red flag to me. The only episode of this series I want to see is “Joe & Teresa go to jail” followed by “Joe & Teresa have to live in a 1 bedroom apartment while paying back their debts”


    LMAO Deena as in “Dina”? Sure looks like an official list to me.

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