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Jan 092011

An OC judge has officially ruled that Gretchen Rossi should pay her ex Jay Photoglou $40,799 in legal fees. This is in addition to the $22,000 she paid him last May.

Jay had asked for $85,000 in attorney fees, but the judge only awarded him half because a good portion of the lawsuit against him is still ongoing.

Yesterday, I told my twitter followers that I had yet another Gretchen Rossi/Jay Photoglou article. I asked them if they were tired of these two. I heard back from Gretchen in a direct message:


Kind of pathetic actually

Well Gretchen, it was you that started this whole mess by parading Jay Photoglou around with you during Season 4 while your storyline was your engagement to Jeff Beitzel.  It was you that let Jay get his hands on Tamra Barney’s phone number. Tamra called you out on the Season 4 reunion.  It was you that let Jeff see you were shacking up with Slade Smiley, of all people. It was you that went after Jay with a restraining order you later dropped.

I like Gretchen Rossi, I even understand. She’s one of those pretty girls who trades on looks and charm to allow her a free pass in life. It just didn’t work this time. Bravo TV doesn’t want to be held responsible for Gretchen’s inability to go along with her storyline for Season 4. Can’t blame them for that.

Of all the websites reporting on this, why try to call me out? Because she knows I’m right about the hold up of Season 6 as they re-write and edit. February is sweeps month, a time when advertisers make decisions based on ratings. Revenue, baby.

It’s about a lot more than Gretchen Rossi.


Secrets and Lies

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  6 Responses to “Gretchen Rossi and the Truth”


    These are truly wonderful ideas in about blogging. You have touched some nice things here. Any way keep up wrinting.


    “I like Gretchen Rossi, I even understand. She’s one of those pretty girls who trades on looks and charm to allow her a free pass in life”

    Your absolutely right. I use to like Gretchen. but she is showing more of her true self. All that annoying laughing. It like she is thinking. ha ha I’m prettier than all the other housewives. I can do anything I want. Just flutter my eyes, swirl my hair, and laugh out loud.


    Gretchen and Slade’s Motto: Lie & Deny!
    Remember that song by Shaggy “It wasn’t me?”


    When Gretchen made the comment “kinda pathetic actually” I am sure she was referring to 1) herself 2) Slade 3) she and Slade…


    The proof is in the pictures, baby, and there are many of them floating around out there that show a smiling Gretchen and Jay with arms wrapped around each other, clearly looking like more than friends. Men and women who are “just friends” don’t typically pose for pix like that, as Gretchen would still have us all believe. I don’t know why she even bothers to deny her relationship with Jay anymore. Just own it. I don’t think too many folks really bought that she was madly in love with Jeff Beitzel, her now deceased fiance, anyway. I would have more respect for Gretchen if she just admitted her affair with Jay and stopped trying to portray him as a crazed stalker. It seems that she stalked him just as much as he stalked her.


    Gretchen has always tried to portray Jay and the others as the “crazies”. We know that isn’t completely true. Jay continues to pursue this and that, well might be, crazy. BUT she was most definitely dating this man and carrying on with him for a long time. She just pissed the wrong person off.

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