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Dec 102010

Nene Leakes friend, Diana Gowins,  seen this season on the Real Housewives of Atlanta has her own baby mama drama. Several years ago, she got pregnant with twins with high profile married  attorney Willie Gary of Atlanta. The courts ordered Willie, who makes $13 million….. yes million……a year, to pay her $28,000 a month in child support.

So Willie appeals the amount:

According to the court documents, it turns out Diana wasn’t putting the money into the two kid’s college fund like she promised! She was splurging the money on cruises without the kids, tummy tucks, a Steinway piano, and designer clothes. She also spent thousands on private school tuition and diamonds for her oldest child, a teenage daughter from a previous relationship. Yes, diamonds.

So what happened next was that Willie Gary, along with his lawyers, argued in November of 2005 to Fulton County Superior Court Judge Cynthia Wright that Diana Gowins was misusing the child support to pay for things not directly related to the well being of their children together. I mean, seriously, tummy tucks and cruises? I’d be pissed off too!

They ended up winning the case and his child support payments were reduced to more modest $5000 a month, leaving Diana with presumably only one cruise every two months, instead of weekly. The judge then told Gowins, a former nurse, to go back to work and quit going crazy with her lavish spending but she refused to do so. She responded to the judge that she has a right to be a stay-at-home mom.

After a little bit, it seemed Diana didn’t like her bimonthly cruises and wanted them back up to a weekly schedule. So Diana Gowins took Willie Gary back to court to contest the reduction in child support payments.

Diana appeals the decision

The Georgia Court of Appeals decides to side with the mother, Diana, thereby throwing out the previous ruling by Judge Cynthia Wright. The child support payments have now been re-raised to $28,000 a month.

“It’s a big decision,” said Diana Gowins’ attorney, Randy Kessler. After reading a copy of the ruling by the appellate court he faxed a letter to Willie Gary that afternoon with a demand for $300,000 immediately in order to catch up with the difference from the time that Willie was only paying $5000 a month. After this, Kessler expects Willie to resume the regular monthly payments of $28,000.

Willie Gary makes a salary of  about $13,000,000 (that’s 13 million) a year, so according to Diana Gowin’s lawyer, the child support payments of $28,000 are comparable to a man earning an annual salary of $130,000 paying $280 a month for their twins.

“He agreed to it,” says Diana’s lawyer Randy Kessler., the same lawyer Nene Leakes is using in her divorce from Gregg Leakes.  “He can afford it. He can’t just change his mind.”

So Willie is taking it to the Georgia Supreme Court:

The plot thickens. Willie Gary and his Atlanta attorney, Kenny Schatten, are now planning on appealing the decision“I just look I I look at this decision [by the appellate court] as a small hurdle,” he said.

$28 thousand a month in child support isn’t chump change, even for the $13 million dollar man Willie Gary.


Attorney Willie Gary Paying $28,000 a Month in Child Support

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    Not only is she looking vile but her mouth is just as big and loud as Nene’s. I feel sorry for any man who treads near these type of women– nothing but bottom feeders.


    I mean who won the appeal?


    So who wont the appeal? Gary or Gowins?


    Based upon this photo and seeing her on last night’s show, it seems clear that the court battle has taken a terrible toll on her appearance.

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