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Nov 172010

Update: Sonja, Alex McCord and Ramona Singer took a later flight to Morocco.

In a surprising development. Sonja Morgan filed for bankruptcy today in New York. The Wall Street Journal is reporting  that her production company lost a lawsuit to Hannibal Pictures for a failed attempt to produce a movie. She has 13 million in assets, but an outstanding debt of 19 million . The Real Housewives of New York City are currently filming season 4 in Morocco. It is unknown whether or not Sonja stayed behind for today’s filing.




sonja morgan

The Journal reports:

She blamed her financial woes on a failed venture with Hannibal Pictures Inc. to make a movie starring John Travolta. That film was to be called “Fast Flash to Bang Time,” court papers said.

Morgan said the movie never got off the ground because of “various conditions” that Travolta demanded and her production company, Sonja Productions, could not meet. Hannibal Pictures filed a lawsuit against Sonja Productions in California and won a $7 million judgment.

Morgan said she wasn’t adequately represented at the trial and has filed an appeal. Morgan also pointed to her “bitter” and unresolved divorce from her husband, a man she described as “many years my senior and a descendant of J.P. Morgan and John Adams.”

While she works to resolve these disputes and formulate a plan of reorganization, Morgan said she hopes to take preserve the value of her assets and continue her career as a television personality. She said her appearances on “Real Housewives” position her to pursue potentially lucrative endeavors, like writing a cookbook an developing a clothing line.

On her website, Morgan says she’d be Andy Warhol’s muse today (if the artist were alive) and proclaims that her friends — royalty, fashion designers, celebrities, philanthropists, socialites and powerful bankers — “follow her to whatever venture she attaches herself and which city she finds herself.”


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  22 Responses to “Real Housewives of New York City: Sonja Morgan Files For Bankruptcy”


    It’s a shame when people carry on this way for the cameras, and then, you find out they’re no different than you.


    I wouldn’t wish bankruptcy on anyone but she really is AWFUL. Rude, self-important, and very crude in many ways. Not to mention pathologically narcissistic. Hard to feel very sorry for her in light of her personality.


    Well arrogance like her always causes a fall. And who thinks she is pretty. Shes just a dressed up ugly woman. I do not like her attitude and she has no class at all. The sneaky lying ones always get what they deserve.


    such a fake, she thinks shes the epitome of class and breeding, she wouldn’t know good manners or taste if they jumped up and bit her in the face


    Alex said it best. “A thug in a cocktail dress”. Best RHONY line to date.
    Sonja is catching Kelly-land-itis. She totally revisions what really took place. She hijacked the marriage equality march with the speaking engagements. She was the one who asked Alex to comment/explain etc, and then has the audacity to claim Alex came in attacking. Huh?


    How can you find this woman the least bit appealing after viewing the new season?She’s NOT sexy & beautiful, as she frequently reminds us; try narcissistic egomaniac, who desperately wishes she wasn’t pushing 50. The way she lied about what went down at the gay demonstration made her sound deranged. Such a hateful twat.


    I like her. I’m sorry to hear about her troubles. It seems like the Housewives of Beverly Hills are the only housewives with real money, though. Bethenny is building a nice fortune for herself, which is good to see. I hope Sonja’s future ventures are successful.


    Quite a few of these housewives have had trouble with their finances. What is going on ??


      LIES, EXAGGERATION, “FAKING IT TILL THEY MAKE IT…,” MAKING APPEARANCES,….You name it…THAT’S what’s going on….Good thing I don’t live MY life in a “keeping up with the Jones'” way. We see first hand where it got these women and their families. In fact, that old saying is “all that glitters isn’t gold”, and indeed, the majority of these featured women throughout all the Real Housewives series are living an over the top LIE.


    thats awfull!! shes still awsome! probably the most level headed lady on realhousewives. GOOD LUCK


    Great read! Always informative : ) poor sonja, hard times for us all.

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