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Lisa Wu Hartwell VS. Keith Sweat Custody Battle Rages On

Lisa Wu Hartwell VS. Keith Sweat Custody Battle Rages On

Now that Lisa Wu Hartwell has been replaced on the Real Housewives of Atlanta, will she continue  her custody battle with former husband Keith Sweat?  Sweat has full custody of Justin, 15 and Jordan, 12.  He refused to sign a waiver allowing the boys to appear on Housewives.  This gave Hartwell a very limited storyline, so she was dropped.

In an interview yesterday, Hartwell had this to say:

“On reality television shows, when it gets so popular and hot, the desire and the need to be on top is always there.  And sometimes people want to turn you into a character of your former self and I’m just not willing to perform or create something that isn’t there.”
“They have an idea of who they want you to be and you can only take that for so long and that’s why I said it’s time to go because I’m not willing to compromise my integrity.”

On her marriage to Sweat, Lisa told

“I got out because I started loving myself more than loving him. At the end of the day that’s where it starts and you have to love yourself and respect yourself and that’s why the name of my book is called, ‘When the Cake Is Made,’ because I said you deal with something for so long and you think you can change people but that’s like baking a cake. Once you make that cake the ingredients are there. You can’t undo it because you’ve allowed it to go on for too long…”

Lisa is married to former NFL player Ed Hartwell. They have one son, EJ. At the end of last season, they were struggling with finances, defaulting on their home with the bowling alley, and move to another, less obstentatious home Ed Hartwell owned.