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Sep 042010
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Allegedly meaning internet terrorist Tweetmaxine has been fantasizing again.

I’ll say the word again: ALLEGEDLY

According to the Max, Sharon Beitzel, fourth ex-wife of Gretchen Rossi‘s deceased fiance Jeff Beitzel, seen on season four of the Real Housewives of Orange County, is having Jeff’s body exhumed November 21, 2010.

Hard to do after cremation,

By the way, Max says that’s the day Gretchen Rossi and Slade Smiley plan to marry. On camera for Season 6.

Why the alleged exhumation?  You have to dig deep into Tweetmaxine’s tweets for the answer.  Back in the day, she accused Gretchen of "pulling the plug" on Jeff. The reaction to this allegation was so swift and vicious that Max changed her tune, becoming a Gretchen Rossi superfan. She was also a Kelly Bensimon and Danielle Staub superfan, go figure.

How is she able to go from extreme hate to extreme love?  Because I am fairly certain she is superstalker Pizza Girl from Orange County. Doppelganger was Pizza Girl’s middle name during the first seasons of the Orange County housewives. Then. She. Disappeared.  No more posts at FansofRealityTV. No more posts at TWOP.  At least not as Pizza Girl.  Then Tweetmaxine appears. Many bloggers don’t think Tweetmaxine is Pizza Girl because the Pizza hated Gretchen. It’s simply not that simple with her.

Is it possible Gretchen and Slade are getting married?  Yes. Pizza, living in Orange County, could have dug up (pardon the pun) that information.  She was in rare form this week, also claiming Simon van Kempen was being deported back to Australia.  What’s amazing is how many people believe every word she says.

I have the rare distinction of being blocked on twitter by Max. Why? I broke the story Orange County Housewives Begin Filming Season Six  before she did, and the .Orange County Register  linked to this blog.   Her comment is number 16.   Typical Pizza Girl/ Tweetmaxine behavior. "Told Ya" and "First" are her favorite words. Imagine how infuriated she was!

She still shows up in her Pizza Girl persona in Orange County.  Here she is with her old nemesis Frank Mickadeit of the Orange County Register:

ZOO 014

I had fun writing that story.  If you dig into the OC Register archives, you’ll find some interesting comments made by Mickadeit about her.

As for the wedding?  Watch What Happens


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  7 Responses to “Sharon Beitzel to Exhume Jeff Beitzel’s Body, Allegedly”


    Pizza Girl aka Lisa Lovelace is here:


    Jeff’s body was cremated…that would interesting to see how his ex-wife could have an autopsy performed on ashes!


    He was CREMATED. So it will be pretty difficult to exhume a body.

    Does whoever started the rumor even watch the show? The ashes were part of a storyline.


    who. cares.?


    Just curious, as an ex-wife, under what grounds or what right does she have to be able to have his body exhumed? I can’t see of any grounds unless she has minor children by him and is representing their interests.


    I got blocked too…let’s cry together. Funny how you call BS with actual facts, she gets all pissy.

    Pizza’s all over Facebook, so we’ll have to see. I’m with you on that, always been my first guess. Did you see how mad Simon got yesterday? Whoa…

    Guess she’s not a fan of Gretchy-poo and her hair anymore :) But now Matt Martin is, so Gretchen or her hair won’t be lonely…

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