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Sep 012010

Teresa Giudice of Bravo’s Real Housewives of New Jersey is said to be in a dispute with producers over her salary. She’s even threatened to leave the show if she doesn’t get more money. It was reported earlier this week that the show had been renewed for a third season, with production beginning this Friday.  Monday’s reunion episode part one scored the highest ratings in Bravo history.




In other Teresa Giudice news, she has sold her story to In-Touch magazine. The headline  says addiction, lies  and betrayal, and she talks about Joe’s cheating.  Interesting that she’ll tell her story for money, but Teresa will do anything for money these days.

Speaking of which……

She’s about to launch a makeup line, joining Gretchen Rossi in that ill-fated pursuit. Loads of snark could be inserted here. Add your own.

  19 Responses to “Teresa Giudice Starting A Make-Up Line, Wants A Raise”


    This is exactly why people feel some sympathy for Danielle, Teresa lies and accuses her of all sorts of things, and end up being true. They are more alike than not alike. That’s not a compliment either. Seems Teresa is really desperate for some spending money.


    Snark all ya want people but I would try her make up. I have her book and it’s ab fab. Albeit, she had a ghost writer but it’s still a good summer read and the recipes are delicious! She will NOT be personally manufacturing the cosmetics, so chances are they will be excellent and worth the money. Teresa may be a shop-a-holic, in debt, loud, annoying, etc…but she has a head for business and she’s digging her family out. She loves her family and she’s raising four kids now with no money! Give the girl a break.


    Who the hell would buy makeup from her???
    Does anyone besides hookers and drag queens think her makeup looks good?
    Don’t waste your time reading the article. She says how strong her marriage is and how Joe would never cheat because they have sex two times a day bla bla bla…..”
    She doesn’t “come clean” about her bankruptcy either. Obviously not. If she did her and Joe would be in jail.
    I hate her.


    Wonder what Caroline thinks about this new development. She has to be having second thoughts about her ‘friendship’ with Big T after T’s comments about her while on the It’ly trip and T’s behavior on the reunion show. I’m sure Caroline can now see T for what she is: a rude, crude, common social climber who is more like Danielle than the Manzos.


    Teresa is sadly not in touch with reality. She doesnt understand less is more. When I saw the headband on that new born baby….She is an antagonist. Danielle has issues, but Teresta instigated the country club weave pull. Big show!! I will not support any of her business endeavors. I know how hard we the non-filing bankrupt (11Mil!!!!!!!!!) people have to work. A true scam!!! Please, do not give us the bad economy excuse. Spending like a drunken sailor!! Do your girls have college funds???


    Is she seriously claiming to be a “shopaholic??” Or will she come up with some other ridiculous fake addiction?


    She will have the Caveman from the Geico commercial as her first promo for said garbage. I mean make up. This biotch right here has grown to big for her britches. Stand down trollop stand down.


    @ dose of reality said:
    :”What a mediawhore! I REFUSE to buy anything she’s hawking, makeup? pahleeeze with a face like that……..”

    Well, imagine your horror if you had to see her without makeup!!!

    nuf’ said


    Ho Ho Ho!


    What a mediawhore! I REFUSE to buy anything she’s hawking, makeup? pahleeeze with a face like that……..

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