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Aug 312010

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Who’s Tara?

Once you get a small amount, people give you more and more. Thanks, blogosphere and twitter friends.  You know who you are.

Remember the nephew comment  that made Teresa Giudice go ballistic on part one of the New Jersey Reunion?  Danielle says” Did you ever acknowledge your nephew?”

About that nephew;

Turns out Joe’s girlfriend Tara had a baby boy by him 6 months ago. Tara thinks Joe is about to leave Teresa, and, as you can see from my previous post, makes sure everyone knows about the baby.

The latest:

Teresa Giudice in her Bravo blog says the nephew is a child Joe’s brother has.  Right Teresa. The blogosphere is now writing that this brother had a baby with a black woman, and the Giudice family has disowned him and refuse to acknowledge the child.  Which story is true?  Perhaps both?  Anyone think that’s also a possibility?  In train wreck television, anything is possible. Always absurd, seldom sublime.

Stay tuned.

  33 Responses to “New Jersey Housewives Reunion: About A Boy”


    Danielle had Joe and the manzo’s followed, how she can spend money on .
    private investigators???
    She is the devil! She lies every minute. hasn’t changed her spots since she was 19 and now wants the world to pay for her lifestyle.
    She is EVIL, don’t buy anything she puts out , no books, no cd’s nothing…She says she is a devout Catholic? God will get her for all of this.. .


    Jacqueline is very much a liar when it suits her and that’s why her daughter has a big problem telling the truth. I flipped when I heard Joe had a boy with another woman, they were both prego at the same time. No wonder Ter Ter is afraid she’s going to be living above a pizza parlor with the girls in Newark!

    Teresa almost beat the snot out of Andy in order to attack Danielle and she couldn’t even talk for a few moments like she had to reorient from a psychotic rage. Great TV but she’s got cheater for a hubby. Women truly can have the worst taste in men, Joe is a perfect example. Poorer than the church mouse, very questionable money, deeply in debt, forges signitures, lies in bankruptcy court, rips off biz partners. I could go on but he’s no prize and yet he’s a successful womanizer. I have a feeling that this reunion was the reason Andy had to take a month off! Haha. Thanks for posting this story, it’s a real hoot and all of the NJ gals are crazzzzzzzy. Special crazy. The OC seems like child’s play now.


    WTF I know I don’t live in Jersey and Teresa acted out but this is really horrible. They have 4 kids. I thought they were cute seemed like a healthy relationship…..?


    Hey, A2S, u can put me down for $20 towards a group gift for the new bambino. Do they make any baby boy clothes in animal prints? May be a good time for Teresa to call Patti The Matchmaker bc she may soon be flying solo. Are there any single Manzo brothers left or did Caroline & Dina take them all?

    I guess Teresa’s phobia of living “in used homes” that “skeeves” her out so much doesn’t extend to unknowingly getting Tara’s left overs every time Joe came home. Gross. Ok, I’ll stop now.


    Tara G. Panacea. Halllllllllelllujah.LOL LOL. I hope it gets better. They investigated D, well if it is good for the goose it better be somethng the gander can handle. I would have them all investigated too. Soprano wannabe muthaf……….LOL


    definitely a tara g. is she the little blonde spotted with joe on numerous occaisions is the question.


    Not the first time I have seen Joe’s name linked to this petite blonde. But a son?

    with taxman, fraud charges,DUI, bankruptcy for the guidice family – the plate is full there. But no excuse for the Jerry springer moment, Theresa provided last night.


    Jacqueline said there is no Tara and there is no love child.


    Wow, that didn’t take long!


    What would we do without you? Us poor RH addicts can always come to your site for the latest information….Thanks!

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