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New Jersey Housewives Reunion Spoiler: Who’s Tara?

Update:  8/31  Does Joe Have a Baby Boy with Tara?

“You will never break up my family”, Teresa Giudice screams at Danielle Staub on one of those tantalizing reunion preview tapes at ( Edited to add:  the word could have been bring, not break.  On today’s preview commercials, it sounds  like “Break”.)

Well folks, I have learned  from an unimpeachable anonymous source that Joe Giudice has a girlfriend named Tara G.  Danielle found her because she hired a private investigator and had the Manzo’s and the Giudices followed.

Tara G., by the way, is not exactly hiding out. She attends parties and actually displays pictures of her and Joe together. She also has pictures of a baby, whether or not this is Joe’s offspring is unknown.  Tamra Barney, if you recall, was in town to tape “  Watch what Happens, Live ” with Andy Cohen that night and they all went to dinner together. My source tells me Tara met Joe later that same night.

Tara G. is not exactly who  one would expect Joe to hang out with.  She drives a new Volvo, wears designer gowns to parties and has her own condo, but doesn’t work because allegedly Joe supports her.

To answer the question I’ve seen on message boards as to what Joe was doing out at 2:00 a.m.’s the answer.

Danielle has been doing quite a bit of investigating of the other housewives lately. Seems she’s got the 411 on Caroline and Albert Manzo’s activities too.

If indeed this is what Teresa is so hysterical about, what a reunion this will be!

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