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What Did Lolly Amons Allegedly Steal From The Salahi’s ?

Tepid beer? An old grey mare?  A meal meant for Michaele?  the spotlight?

Or did she do anything to them.  The story is going around about Lolly Amons (who names their kid Lolly? is it short for Lolipop?) stole something from the Salahi’s. How or what has yet to be revealed.

Edited to add: Apparently her name is Lauren

Lolly Amons, 24, moved back home to her parents, Mary and Rich Amons, after living with a boyfriend for a year. Mary proceeded to put a rather secure lock on her closet door, to keep Lolly out. things that make you go hmmmm.

Here’s what could be found about the alleged thief.

It was the college-age daughter of one of the other D.C. “Housewives”; the rep claimed she stole from the Salahis. That was intriguing, I thought — a sign of an ugly rift between these families brought together by Bravo.

Whatever this is, it will be featured on an upcoming episode.

We’ll see.