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Jul 242010

Added January 26:   SEASON 6 VIDEO PREVIEW


READ THIS 12/27/10: Season 6 Postponed?

September 27 Updates and Tidbits


Lynne Curtin Filming Exit Scenes

Gretchen "Served" At Cast Party

Two Mortgages?

Tamra’s Children Not on Season 6

October 17 Updates:

Matt Keough Sentenced, Jeana Pleads for Leniency

Raquel and Alexa Curtin

 October 19 Update:

Vicki Divorcing Donn

October 24 Updates

Tamra Barney Throws Drink in Jeana’s Face at Finale Episode

Slade Proposes to Gretchen at the Finale Episode Taping

December 11 Updates

Bellinos Seek Bankruptcy Protection

An Interview with Vicki Gunvalson


Fernanda Rocha will join the cast mid-season.  Who’s leaving?

Update: August 23  Lynne Curtin has been dropped, Peggy Tanous will take her place, all signs signal a return of Lauri Waring.

Today is the first day of group shots and production. Tamra Barney tweeted a few days ago that the Real Housewives of Orange County will not air until January.  Normally, the production schedule runs from Memorial Day to Labor Day, but with the introduction of the Real Housewives of Washington DC premiering August 5, the Real Housewives of Atlanta and the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, airing sometime after that, we’ll have to wait to see Vicki and the girls.

Which of the women will be returning?  Nothing official, but hints from the ladies themselves:, Vicki Gunvalson is returning, of course, Gretchen Rossi is returning definitely (with Slade Smiley)  and Lauri Waring Peterson has hinted at a return. Tamra Barney, with a much more interesting storyline, is also returning.  How much of Eddie Judge we’ll see is unknown. Simon Barney? I think he’s had enough.

Uncertain about Alexis Bellino and Lynne Curtin. Fans did not take well to Alexis, her hypocritical lifestyle and "smelly dork" husband Jim.  Lynne Curtin, though we know she needs the money, shouldn’t want to return after last year’s humiliations. But what do I know….not a famewhore

Watch What Happens

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  33 Responses to “Orange County Housewives Begin Filming Season 6”


    i canot stand slate he is slime


    Vicki is so mean, fake, selfish, and jealous. It’s always about Vicki. She is so negative and very defensive. Vicki, you never deserved Don. He was too good for you. You are such a loser. Get a personality.


    Jeana is by far the nicest and funniest of all the ladies. She is both beautiful on the outside and the inside. I miss her so much. I especially love watching her interact with her children particularly her daughter. Her daughter is so beautiful and smart and no push over. Please Jeana come back. This show has gone downward since you left.


    They just need to rethink the OC cast as a whole. Everyone is broke. The new show for Beverly Hills seems like they will THE Real Housewives. OC is the original yet seems
    to have become the bottom of the elite list.


    I was hoping Vicki wasn’t coming back. She reminds me of Danielle from RHONJ. She’s always starting mess and talking down to people and then “Poor me.” if someone says anything back to her. She’s so mean and hateful to people and then if they something she doesn’t like then she says they’re being mean to her.

    I’m so glad Tamra finally got away from Simon. He’s a control freak.


      Are you an idiot? Do you even watch the show because if you do you could not possibly compare Vicki with Danielle


    Alexis is the prettiest and the classiest, and I like how she is close to her Mom and is not phoney.


    Alexis wrote on her Facebook page that they were to begin filming season 6 and was packing for the San Diego trip. People fail to realize that she has just as many fans that love her as hate her. I happen to like Alexis. But, I also like Vicki so go figure.
    Jeana is supposed to have her own show documenting her weight loss.
    Not a fan of Lauri or Lynn. Both of them need to worry more about their children than filming.


    Really miss Jeana and I hope returns for this upcoming season. It is not the same without her…she is truly missed.


    Heard Jeana is not coming back but will be staring in her own weight loss show.
    I wish someone would jist step on slade smiley and keep him where he belongs On the bottom of someones shoe.
    He is so gross and I know I am not the only one who thinks so


    I want Jeana back so bad that I can’t stand it. I’m still on the fence about Lauri rejoining the cast. It wasn’t fair watching crazy Vicki try to defend herself against the rest of the cast. Vicki needs Lauri and Jeana (when Jeana isn’t being two-faced). I liked watching the Keough kids and the Waring-Peterson kids although they sometimes made me think I was watching the Kardashians. The OC Angels episode really creeped me out. On the other hand, who doesn’t love camping with a gorilla and chicken? The Curtins really really need to take a rest, but I don’t think these famewhores have the patience. Alexis and Jim were misfits at best. Pushing your kids in a pool to garner public attention in order to have a leg to stand on in Bravo contract negotiation is a bit much (I kid). There are so many phantom Real Housewives of Orange County that I don’t think it makes a difference who stays and who goes.

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