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Jul 242010

 Update: This auction is so popular that now you can bid for this tacky junk over the internet.


As reported  earlier , destitution whore Teresa Giudice of the Real Housewives of New Jersey will have the contents of her house auctioned off August 22.

Auction Details

Bold, brazen, arrogant Teresa had this to say Thursday evening on Twitter:

Another fun day of press! Facts = read what my attorney told @peoplemag ~ Thank you all for your support!

Why this article was pointed out is a mystery as the Giudices continue to attempt to hide assets. This is what the attorney told People Magazine:

An attorney for the Giudices, Jim Kridel, says things needn’t go that far, and he plans to object to the filing in court, saying they did not hide sources of income. “The contract for Teresa’s book was signed after the bankruptcy petition was filed, and all money was received post petition,” he says, adding that the law allows the Giudices to freely spend money earned after they filed for bankruptcy.

“If she knew the recipes, it doesn’t take four years to write a cook book,” he says. “It’s not a Mary Higgins Clark novel.”

As for the pizzeria, it is owned by Joe’s father, Kridel says, and therefore should never have been considered an asset at the time of the filing.

Kridel also points out that auctioning personal property may not yield much money to be divided up among creditors. “You can’t sell used, personal property for the sticker price,” he says. “A $5,000 chandelier won’t sell for $5,000. Nobody will buy a used mattress. The real issue in bankruptcy is, what’s the value of everything?  And at the time of the bankruptcy, these things didn’t have any value.”

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  10 Responses to “Giudice Auction: Looking for Faux Marble?”


    “destitution whore” – omg lol

    Seriously, why have millions of average out of work Americans lost their little 3 bedroom homes to foreclosure while Juicy the Big Speculator and Tre the Big Spender get to keep their mansion?!


    She is a fake. I have said this many times. These bitches are all crazy and unredeemable really IMO.LOL. Pizza crust my ass. How about some crumbs to pay off their debts?LOL. This woman is illiterate. The poors.LOL


    I know what they are doing. Juicy tard is buying up properties putting them in family members name to avoid paying the 11 million dollar debt. If it is not in their name then technically it is not their property. This is some low down dirty ghetto shit. These people are beyond reproach and I hope that they get caught. Teresa has a big muffukkin mouth.LOL. Thank God.LOL


    What happens to the stuff they can’t sell? (I can’t imagine anybody besides them wanting that junk). Do they just get to keep it? I was hoping they’d come home one day and find the doors padlocked. And please, the father owns the pizzeria? Why aren’t these lying thieving bastards in jail!??! They are straight up criminals.


    Hey everyone this is the list for the Guidices auction everything is being sold…even the girl’s bedroom. Bankruptcy is no joke, people pay your bills.


    If you declare bankruptcy, you shouldn’t get to live like a millionaire. By continuing to buy anything and everything under the sun, Teresa, you stole from those stores. You stole. You got things you knew you couldn’t possibly pay for. And you shouldn’t be allowed to just say “Bankruptcy” and then smile in your ugly marble palace. You should have to sell everything, including the house, live in some small apartment with second hand clothes and furniture, and learn how to only spend what you earn. That’s what happens to real people when they don’t have enough money. Grow up and own your thievery. Why aren’t these people in jail???


    Whew the girl is delusional..she gonna live in an empty mausoleum now? Is the house going to be auctioned off? How are they paying taxes on that place?

    They better be asking her at the reunion show about all this crap, not letting it slide just cuz she wants it to. Fat liar.


    I dont care if the $5000.00 item only sells for $100.00, it’s still $100 that should and WILL go to the creditors that they robbed. Besides, we all watched her purchase this tacky stuff last fall. It hasn’t depreciated all that much!! Because of who she is this auction should be a success. I hope Danielle shows up! If they think they can keep this junk then they are dillusional. And now teresa is admitting she’s a liar–she lied about Joe owning the pizza shop and “many businesses” or she has to admit that they are being shady and hiding stuff…She also lied about making pizza crust in her book (in the show she admits that she only buys store bought dough)–the book was OBVIOUSLY written by a ghost writer (just like her blog). She is a fake!!!


    B.S. throw al of them in jail. It’s funny how she made fun of Bethenny when she had all these financial issues at home. Teresa…Honey take care of home first.

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