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Jul 202010

Yesterday, while browsing through twitter, I noticed Jacqueline Laurita was tweeting quite a bit about arch-nemesis Danielle Staub.

This is not unusual, especially prior to a new episode airing.  The Manzo clan always tries to get their side of the story out there before the episode airs, especially when they know they will look bad. 

I responded to one of her tweets, pointing out that she is on twitter 24/7 talking about Danielle. I never expect replies, but I got this barrage of messages:

  • Not sure what ur problem w/me is, I’m a very honest&open person &I don’t go starting trouble w/people but 1ce messed with I will hold my own about 15 hours ago
  • Jacqueline Laurita JacLauritaI tweet 2document stuff incase something bad were 2happen! about 15 hours ago

Jacqueline Laurita JacLaurita

No,but I’ve been preparing D’s book of "con"tradictions 4the reunion & I have google alert!Ashley never beat someone w/a9mm gun!

There we have it. Ashley never beat anyone with a 9 mm. gun. Give her time, Jacqueline.

Last season, Jacqueline apparently told Danielle everything about the Manzo family dynamic and her place in it.  She has been struggling to be a part of that family ever since Chris Laurita played "Captain Save a Ho" years ago. Who lost out in this deal?  Ashley.  The "Step-Manzo"  She learned from her mother to do anything that will make her accepted by that family because that’s the key to survival. The things women do when they marry for money.  Well, she finally found something.  Assaulting Danielle Staub.  She still doesn’t get that she did the wrong thing. And Jacqueline, by giving mixed messages, makes it worse.

Danielle Staub is crazy, true. But how are Jacqueline, Caroline, Ashley  and especially Teresa Giudice sane? And speaking of Caroline, this is what she Tweeted last night:

@absurdtosublime carolines own wds last night, "i wasnt there when ashley was growing up", she "calls" me aunt. other words shes not my fam


Can’t wait for this reunion.  Jacqueline’s already defensive.

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  11 Responses to “Jacqueline Laurita: Two Wrongs Make a Right”


    jacqueline is a retarted slut


    Jackie has some nerve. She is trying so hard to fit in with the FAMILIA and they keep pushing them back like NOOOOOOO wrong answer Jackie and This show is beyond unredeemable. It is now a joke. These women are ALL a joke. I will continue to LOL at their asses. Assley will get cozy with the law again since she wants so bad to be a gangsta thug.LMAO. I call it twitter


    Napa Girl, Jacqueline said she’s been with Chris 16 years,so that means Ashley was 3 when they were married, since she is 19 now. Jac and Chris were probably living in Vegas, then moved to Jersey, but it was sad how caroline said that she was not there when Ashley was growing up.


    Caroline’s kids made it a point on twitter to say they are not related to Ashley and she is NOT their cousin. I found it odd at the time but I’ve been calling her “excess baggage” since the first season. Ashley was a pkg deal and when Chris tries to father or discipline her, Jacqueline jumps to her aide or defense which is why she’s turned out to have zero sense of right and wrong and is a violent, lazy, out of control woman who can’t take care of herself. She’s a little too good to get a job and work or go to school. She will be in trouble with the law again. That’s just a fact.

    Ashley would have been at the most 9 when she moved to NJ and yet she wasn’t part of Caroline’s life. Sounds like no one liked Jacqueline and that’s why she spends a great deal of time throwing bricks from behind her back in a passive aggressive manner, especially towards Dina, another thing I found odd.


    jacqueline is a fat whore


    Everyone needs to write to Andy at Bravo and tell him to clean house on this show–it’s pathetic–bring in an entirely new group for Season 3.


    Love this!!!…lol..

    I’m sure this site makes the manzo’s blow fuses cuz they simply can’t stand that they are not seen as this good upstanding quality family.



    Yikes! You may have taken this a little too far for my liking…I’m not sure I’m ready to assume these women married for money, or how they ended up together. Doesn’t mean I agree with Jac’s position on this either.


    Never trust people people who says they are honest…i mean at least Danielle knows she’s trash


    Captain save a ho ha ha ha There is no way that Jacqueline was not whoring herself in Vegas. She was probably a hefty show girl/stripper/gogo dancer in Vegas. Chris looks like he can’t talk to females, he has no swagger. Jacqueline was probably paid to sleep with him and showed him some interest and it got serious…so there you have it. And yes i think Jacqueline told Danielle a whole bunch of stuff about her family and she is scared of Danielle unleashing…i hope she does

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