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Jul 162010

Earlier this week, I reported on the People Magazine story with  Bethenny Frankel, star of "Bethenny Getting Married" and "The Real Housewives of New York City"  At the time, we still hadn’t heard anything from Bethenny’s estranged mother, now known as Bernadette Birk.  Next week,  Star Magazine has an exclusive with her.

 More About Bethenny’s Mother

Bethenny Frankel claims her childhood was destroyed by her volatile, boozing mother. But her devastated mom, Bernadette Birk, tells an entirely different story.
"I love my daughter but what she’s saying is killing me," Bernadette reveals in an exclusive interview in this week’s issue of Star. She denies Bethenny’s assertion that she was a bulimic who was always drinking.
The star of Bethenny Getting Married? has said Bernadette was "never a mother to me" and calls her childhood "toxic." Bernadette, an interior design professor, admits there was discord in the family but insists Bethenny was "the most important person in my world."
The mother and daughter have only spoken twice in the last 10 years, says Bernadette, who laments she only knows what is going on in Bethenny’s world by watching her on television.

Bethenny’s Childhood

Star Magazine | News | Bethenny’s Mom Fires Back!

  21 Responses to “Bernadette (Bonnie) Frankel Parisella Birk Speaks!”


    I think my post,”Bethenny, Talk to your Mother, says it all


    I can’t believe there’s not been a post all week about Bethenny’s birthday party meltdown! All I could think watching her downward spiral at the party was “wow, someone’s managed to behave more terribly and be more ungrateful than little 4 year old Kennedy Armstrong!”


    I can totally see Bethany disregarding her mother. Have you watched her show and how dismissive she is to her inlaws. She doesn’t want to see them more than once a month and complains when they stay at her house


    As a mother who is imperfect yet totally in love with an elusive, wounded, and angry daughter, I feel such empathy and compassion for Bethenny’s mother who is continually maligned and depicted as a crazy person. If she is such a horrid one dimensional demon why is it that she called Bethenny on the actual day of Bryn premature birth and have the humility to have a twenty minute conversation with Carol, Bethenny’s new “mother”. Call it a mother'[s intuition if you will, but there is a bond between mother and daughter that runs deep. I fear that one day Bethenny may come to experience the pain that comes from rejection and resentment that Bryn might inflict on a narcissistic parent that chooses to not forgive her own mother.
    History has been known to repeat itself. Bethenny, give your mom half the chance that you gave your dad on his death bed. I’m rooting for you both!


      So well said. That is my fear for Bethenny also. She needs resolution and closure, so she can heal herself and stop talking about it.


    Wow Jen,
    Your generalizations sound so simple! Fortunately, the bleak scenario you painted is NOT what is happening in most homes, at least not here in Canada! And you only have to watch Bethenny’s show to see she is working for a better future for adorable Bryn. Of course, you probably dont watch the show since you sound like you dont like Bethenny, I cant imagine you would give her a whole hour of your week, now THAT would be stupid!


    Remember that each of these women have their own “view” or perceptions… and their perceptions became their reality. No one was there except Bethenny and her mother and each of them remember the past in a different way. I happen to side more towards Bethenny because I had issues with my mom that she, for the life of me, can’t admit to.. doesn’t want to admit to.. or blocked out. It is what it is and no one has any right to slam either one.


    Yeah, my toxic mother has conveniently blocked out her psychotic “breakthroughs” also and still maintains her fantasy life of “the good mother” these Lmoms” can never admit the lethal effects of their behavior on the psyches of their young children. I’ll believe Bethenny.


      I completely agree with you. My mother’s narcissistic method of mothering would never allow her to view herself as anything less than perfect. When confronted, she gave a very begrudging apology infused with whiney tones of being victimized. I admire Bethenny for going so public with her life and vulnerabilities knowing that a person like her mother would completely try to discredit her.


    If Bethenny was the most important thing in her world, then maybe they would have spoken more than 2 times in the last 10 years.
    This old hag is just trying to grab her own 15 minutes.
    Any mother who truly loved their child would never go and do a interview about them with a cheesy tabloid.


      Maybe Bonnie Dirk tried harder to be a better mom to her daughter, Bethenny, than would have made for good TV…while also providing Frankel with a pass to carry on anyway she wanted to, including her penchant for blowing through relationships at warp speed, destroying anyone she perceives as a threat, all the while publicly demeaning her parents, including her biological father, Bobby Frankel one of only 2 Race Trainers who allegedly subjected her to a very abusive childhood, in such an embarrassing way. Bethenny admitted to being taken away from her biological father at age 5, leaving many, myself included, to wonder how much can be validated when memories that are from at least 3 decades ago, formed by a child of 5


      I totally agree! I wonder if her mother had something to do with why her biological father became estranged from her. This is very sad, and I would be proud to have a beautiful daughter like Bethenny. She has a beautiful heart and her fans can see that. We love you Bethenny!


      And a classy 40-year-old daughter wouldn’t increase ratings for her TV show and boost Skinny Girl sales by publicly repeating allegations against her parents.

      Bethenny needs to quit using her mother as an excuse for her own bad behavior.


        I agree with April about Bethenny….She is so self absorbed and I wonder what her little daughter will turn out to be. The mother is always to blame and maybe her mom wasn’t there for her…well, GET over it..She has such an amazing husband and a loving mother and father in law but they are all afraid of upsetting her and afraid of her period…. She is awful…


    They are both horrible wommen, and Bethenny whether she realize it or not will become her mother.


    Here it is, this kind of scenario is being played in most homesat this time. Bethenny was a wild child, used drugs and didn’t listen to anyone, and mom was at home had issues and could not be there for her daughter…Father couldn’t care less about either of these females…now built a bridge and get over it.

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