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Jul 152010

Well, it seems the drama never stops for Teresa Giudice. This article is from today’s Wall Street Journal.

Teresa Giudice has a new adversary, and its not any of her fellow “Real Housewives of New Jersey.”

Court papers show that the Bravo reality TV star and her husband, who filed for bankruptcy protection last fall, are facing a lawsuit to prevent them from taking advantage of the debt discharge available to individuals under the Bankruptcy Code. According to Chapter 7 trustee John Sywilok, tasked with rounding up the couple’s assets and distributing the proceeds to creditors, the Giudices allegedly concealed key documents about their finances and business transactions.

The assets the Giudices are alleged to have concealed include interests in a pizza parlor, laundromat, Teresa’s TG Fabulicious clothing and accessories company (where you can buy the “Jersey Girl” shirt she wore on the first season for $24.95) and the “Skinny Italian” cookbook she authored (which promises to teach readers how to eat spaghetti and still fit into their skinny jeans). Sywilok also accuses the couple of making false statements under oath about their assets, income and expenses.

The Giudices’ bankruptcy attorney wasn’t immediately available for comment Thursday.

The lawsuit isn’t the only reason Sywilok may not be the Giudices’ most favorite person right now. Next month, the trustee is aiming to hold a public auction of the contents filling the family’s newly built Towaco, N.J. mansion.

Up for grabs at the Aug. 22 auction are home furnishings, accessories, tools and a boat.

The house has served as points of pride and trouble for Teresa and husband Giuseppe (aka Joseph). The first season of the Bravo reality show depicted the home’s construction and the no-expenses-spared decorating spree. But since the bankruptcy filing, the Giudices have faced rumors that their new home was up for sale (which Teresa denied via Twitter last month) or was being foreclosed upon (which she adamantly denied in this week’s episode of the reality show).

  14 Responses to “Teresa Giudice: Show and Tell in Bankruptcy Court”


    Read it somewhere…

    Happy wife = jail for life.


    Ding Dong the ugly one who should have purchased herself a forehead instead of boobs, is going down.
    I am so happy to hear this news..
    She is a horrible mother and friend,
    Enjoy your new life HONEY, can you say “do you want fries with that”?… LOL LOL LOL


    well i hope she gets a cell no one has occupied because a “used” cell would just be, well, gross!


    I think Danielle has the goods on all these tricks…hope she reveals them at the reunion. Remember during the fight, Danielle told Teresa “remember where/what you used to live in”, and then Teresa said “so i now live in a $5million house” then Danielle said it was foreclosed. I believe that Danielle used to have money, until her divorce, and she and Teresa were friends so she did know the Guidice’s business.


    Girl is in denial. The pretense she shows makes me laugh. I wonder how long its going to take for old Jacq and Ash and Caroline to dump their ‘friend’.
    I wonder if they offered to help out financially. *smirk*


    Her accessories company is stuff she is buying and reselling, they pricing are marked up a lot to much money that stuff. Her kids look cheap on the website she just trying to make money fast. Sorry I hope the IRS gets them good and they go to jail. There is no way they only make 7k per month and is 11 million in the hole what is wrong with this picture! Are they in the MOB. People like this make me made and why is she still spening a lot, new car I hope she lose the house and everything and Joe is a little man. DOn;t buy the book its a jokejust for her to make money.


    So Teresa was right the house is not foreclosed on, it’s being auctioned by the court…horrible.


    How are they not in jail?


    About time the courts caught on.

    Yo T-man…hahahahahahaha


    shocked! all i can say is shocked! shocked shocked shocked…

    note sarcasm

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