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Jul 132010

Update: July 16 

Updated From 7/13/2010   Bethenny’s Mother Sells Story to Star Magazine

The number one search term on this website is Bonnie Frankel Parisella, followed closely by “picture of Bethenny Frankel’s mother.” I had some information about Bethenny’s Childhood, thanks to, but no photographs were to be found anywhere.

Until now.

The brutally honest article doesn’t tell us much more than Bethenny has stated during three seasons of The Real Housewives of New York and her own show, Bethenny Getting Married.  The childhood photos of Bethenny are priceless, including the one Andy Cohen showcased last night on “Watch What Happens, Live”  . the photos of little Bryn are precious, in fact, Bethenny tweeted yesterday that Bryn smiled for the first time. Wonderful!

Not trying to sell a magazine, but I wanted to give some satisfaction to the readers who wanted a picture of Bonnie. In the article, Bonnie denies having an alcohol or bulimia problem, so perhaps we’ll hear from her one day.  If the price is right.

Bethenny Getting Married?” is winding down. Any regrets about putting so much of your personal life in front of the cameras?
“I truly don’t believe in regret. Every experience helps you in the next one, and Bethenny Getting Married? was an incredible learning experience documenting the most magical time of my life. I put my personal life out there because I owe that to the viewers. They have spent the last 3 years with me taking time out of their lives to watch my life. They deserve the whole truth and nothing but.”

In this article, she states that Bryn will be raised Catholic (Jason is Catholic) and her mother has expressed no interest in meeting Bryn.

  32 Responses to “Photo of Bernadette (Bonnie) Frankel Parisella Birk”


    Bethany, please be kinder to Jason. He is a jewel and you are becoming so arrogrant and treat his parents with a little more respect. Being a grandmother and mother be careful Bethany because Jason has tremendous respect and love for ma and pa and he may take a hike. Stop with all the hipe and be real again – that is what we fell in love with. Now you are acting and very badly may I ad.


      so so so true I have to say I have experience with this. My husband used to do this to me because he had no relationship with his family and it was the end of our marriage . That is why I say some mistakes in the marriage are UN-reprehensible (did I spell that right?).
      Jason will only take so much no matter how great she is he looks like a man who lives by principle this girl is treading on shaky ground. I can see her stating 5 years from now “yes Jason and I were at different places in our marriage and its a time for a place of separation”. Moving to L.A. even farther away from his parents . I hope she does not screw this up I want to see her and Jason and Bryn with more children living a full life ever after.


    “can have”


    Seriously people!!, it is television you are talking about!! Not everything is as it seems. And people can’t have many different feelings about their parents, good and bad, they can hate and love different aspects of their so called family. Not everything is so “cut and dry”. Who are all of you to be judging others anyways!?! Get a life, it’s television!!


    Walk a mile–no–walk a half mile in someone else’s shoes before you judge. Mother, Father, sister, brother–doesn’t matter– if they do not treat you well repeatedly, there comes a time when your self respect kicks in and you have to kick them out of your life so you can heal and move on. Unless you have been there you have absolutely no idea how it can affect your life every waking and unwaking minute!!!!


    she’s a joke !
    everyone who remembers her from the old days knows she is a vicious gossipmonger & slanderer ..
    she badmouthed everyone she’s ever worked with ..
    when someone lies about there own family or even mentions it for publicity & ‘moohlah’ we can see what kinda integrity she has ..
    she is disliked in nyc i can tell you that ..
    she is not from here & has horrendous over the top surgery ..
    a narcissist thru & thru & vain as hell with so much self-importance it’d make yer heads spin ..
    hope the truth comes out about her one of these days ..
    now THAT would be entertainin’ ..
    especially about her ” marriage” ..
    whatta farce ..
    need i say mo’ ?


      yea, you do. where the hell do you get your information? if it’s true, back it up. name names, places and dates. have you ever met her? probably not. just another jealous nobody living vicariously through her. good luck.


      Who are you to be saying anything bad about her. Your a hypocrite because your complaining and bad mouthing her and then saying she bad mouths other people and is wrong for that. Unless you know her personally and gives us names of people she has bad mouthed, no one can believe you. And here’s a tip, why don’t you use real words when commented on something. “need i say mo” is there any need for that crap?!


    Bethenny has mentioned several times that she spent a good deal of her childhood at the racetrack, a fact which makes it clear to me that her parents wanted to have her with them as much as possible. Her comments about having to raise herself and having been “raised by wolves” are laughable, of course. I have no doubt that she enjoyed the same benefits as any child of a financially comfortable family, including a very expensive education. Bethenny’s childhood wasn’t perfect? Join the club, baby!


    I don’t believe Bethenny my childhood was way worse than hers. In past episodes she seems to want people to know who her father was. I think she likes to play the victim. I also don’t think Jill Zarin was as horrible as people made her out to be. I think Bethenny is a two faced snarky bitch who doesn’t like to be treated the way she treats others. I give her credit for her strong work ethic but I also think she should stick to cooking and leave the comedy to the the pros. Her “funny” one liners are often rude and inappropiate.


      I totally agree with this . I feel for Bethenny if she was truly tortured its sad . But I also believe in moving on you cannot harbor those feelings. She does not have to make up with her mom but the feelings have to get flushed or they will eat her up alive . I see her making mistakes in her marriage that are UN-reprehensible. Do not go on about his parents. This guy is a small town dude he loves mom and dad and he is the nicest guy you are going to get. He loves his mom and dad will you let it go . You bitched about getting the right guy for years you have him stop the bitch fest constantly screaming and bringing up things and then blaming your mother and dead father. IT is old and its not going to help you. Become aware that there are other people in the room and they have needs too. And this wonderful man you are now married to loves family make it about him once in a while. PPPPlellleassseee I cannot watch this train wreck it hurts to see this. Those are mistakes that scar deep in a marriage you are making him apologize for his relationship with his parents . That whole thing is off limits leave it alone.


      I disagree, how can Bethenny be anything other than a victim at the age of a child while her parents were alcoholics and abusive. And what don’t you believe about what Bethenny has said? Even though you claim to have had a more worse childhood than Bethenny, doesn’t mean she is telling lies. Also, in the episodes I have seen, Jill pushed Bethenny away because her husband wasn’t bowed down to while being sick (A card and flowers wasn’t enough). Jill ended her friendship with her abruptly and then turns around and doesn’t know why Bethenny won’t be her best friend again. If I was in Bethennys place I would accept Jills apologies but never give her the time of day like she used to. Lastly, I think it’s a matter of opinion whether Bethenny is funny or not. I happen to think she is hysterical and so do many of my friends. At the end of the day she is working hard and seems to have an amazing life with many people supporting her. She sees a therapist and will hopefully make her marriage with Jason stronger day by day. She’s strong and a great role model for many people including myself.


    Amy, if you believe all mothers are sacrosanct, you have lived a very protected life. It’s a nice dream, but far from always the case.

    While we can’t know exactly what brought this mother and daughter here, I cannot blame Bethenny for being mature enough to recognize that she can’t give up her own well-being out of some misguided, familial loyalty to someone she obviously doesn’t trust. It’s Bethenny’s call, really.

    Her mother seems to be doing just fine without her, at any rate, and she’s only talked to her daughter twice in 10 years by her own admission. So obviously they have a dysfunctional relationship–now three of them have admitted that much: Beth, her mother, and her step-father. Domestic violence has a terrible affect on children, no question there–and all three have admitted this was the case.

    So what’s the remaining issue? Whether her mother just drank too much at times or was in fact an alcoholic? Whether she threw up on purpose or had healthy diet habits? That’s splitting hairs at this point. But Bethenny speaks of their unhealthy lifestyle leading her to her chosen career. Looking at the body of evidence, I’d say that’s the truth.

    Maybe it’s just that Bethenny IS talking about it. Ouch. But we can’t separate ourselves from our past, no matter how much we try. We have to resolve it within the context of our present, so I guess they have this opportunity now, unique as the context is. Bethenny has publicly answered those questions we all had; that’s the nature of her life at this juncture. Her family has responded in the media, as well. Perhaps they will all come to terms and move on. I hope so.


    Amy, me thinks you are full of s%#t. Walk a mile in Bethenny’s footsteps before you judge. I’m married to someone who’s mother has been horrible too and the children and I suffer for it. When a parent damages a child that much it’s best to sever all connections. This we learned from my husbands psychiatrist.


    I love Bethenny but I do think she should have invited her mother to her wedding. You have to show respect for your mother no matter what. ” honor thy mother and father” it’s bible. There are no caviats to this statement. Bonnie is’nt Charles Manson and should not have been cut out. I think that’s so sad. There’s no excuse for that level of cruelty toward ones mother. Bonnie could have had a harmless place there. Bethenny should have forgiven her and left the past behind.


      I agree with your comment! Bethenny needs to leave all the bad drama in the past. She needs to forgive and forget! There are many people in this world that go through worse situations and they have the heart to forgive.Especially when it comes to a parent. If it were a situation that her mother molested her as a child or let her partner do it; then I could see her hating her mother, but she has no reason to talk bad about her mother. I grew up in a disfunctional family. My dad was an alcoholic and I went through a lot of bull shit with him when I was young and even till today and I love my father to death. No one is perfect and he is not perfect,but that doesnt mean that they he don’t love me. Sometimes people do things and say things they don’t mean or they don’t realize there hurting anyone. It’s so unfair and very cruel that Bethaneny is talking so bad about her mother she just wants for people to feel sorry for her, and it’s all about money! Thats all she is thinking about.


        Sorry for the typo mistakes! lol


        I am beginning to (along with my other 5 friends) see some fakeness in Ms. B. She is a real attention getter and wants people to feel sorry for her. She is either medicated or needs medication for her manic moods. Poor Jason, he is a wonderful man, but I agree what Bethenny and her friend said…”I don’t know what he saw in me”…she will eat him up and toss him like she has her parents. Sorry…gut feeling


        Her parents tossed her aside you idiot. Her father ditched her when she was four. Her mother wasnt there for her either. Since the father is dead, its up to the mother to pick up the phone and make things better. Not B. No matter how old the child is, the parent has to be the parent and reach out. Also, there was no reason for B. To invite the mother to the wedding. No reason at all. That was her day.


        What is WRONG with you people?? I can’t believe the lack of compassion that is written in the above statements… SERIOUSLY?!?!? A mother has a baby and therefore it is her god given right to be involved in her adult life?? Absolutely NOT!! Bethenny has the right to feel ultimate JOY, CONTENTEDNESS, and PEACE on her most special day without the noise of a disfuncional past OR present— Neither of you have ANY IDEA about the inner workings of their relationship in the past OR in the present… My my what a judgemental society we have become— As for the money statement, I just want to say that I am so thankful for Bethenny’s openness. Her courage to communicate HONESTLY about her family relationship struggles has been therapeutic for a lot of women– Including myself. I think she is suprisingly SILENT about the inner workings of her relationship with her mom! Unfortunately, that leaves some of her decisions to be easily ridiculed by judgemental haters who enjoy a feeling of self-righteous superiority! Give her a break–


        What are you, Bonnie’s friend. Your stupid that I know for sure, Doreen and Amy! I guess its just jealously that makes women like you to say bad things about Bethenny. Bethenny is a inspiration to all women with brains!


        I disagree 100%. How can Bethenny forget when her mother is going to the press and saying that she’s lying about her life and the things she does in her life. And everyone is different, just because one person doesn’t have the self respect they need and forgives someone who has disowned them repeated amounts of times doesn’t mean someone else will be the same way. If the truth is “badmouthing” her mother than so be it. That’s life. And i haven’t heard once out of Bethenny’s mouth that she wants people to feel bad for her. I haven’t talked to my mother in 4 years and I am still a teen. Now, Im not looking for anyone to feel sorry for me. I actually think that it’s a blessing I don’t visit with her anymore considering she was and Im not sure if she still is, an alcoholic and smoker. The relationships she had were dysfunctional and to continue my relationship with her would’ve been very hurtful to my emotional and i suppose physical well being. I don’t wish anyone to feel sorry for me. I actually think that people should feel sorry for her. She is so messed up in the head to where she never takes blame for anything it was mostly always my fault when she was the damn parent of me as well as my other siblings, who should’ve known how to control her kids. She denied to get help and in the end she will suffer. I still have my whole life ahead of me and now I know what not to do and how to have a FUNCTIONAL relationship with my family, friends, boyfriend, etc. Anyway, your last comment is “all she thinks about is money”, isn’t that what everyone thinks about these days. Im sure thats what you think about. That’s unfortunately what makes the world go around. Talk about a hypocrite.


      you are nuts. bonnie f. was where she should have been. ANYWHERE but where bethenny is attempting to undo the emotional damage caused by honoring the mother that had absolutely nothing to do with her. i’m sure there is someplace in the bible that states you should take care of your offspring . . . besides all that — don’t push your religious views off on others. you are either a victim or GUILTY of the same crap. my children are number one. as an adult, i have given my parents every bit of time they could ever want with their grandchildren (same with the in-laws). it got me SHIT when the SOB abandoned us. they blamed me. as they have done my entire life. i only wish i had been able to make it to a point where i could have gone without having to beg for their crutch when i was financially and every other way abandoned. but they always make sure i have to come crawling . . . my kids are JUST THAT, MINE. honor that.


      I am 52 and every time I forgive my mother for her ways she hurts me again so for the past 6 mts I have not called or seen her and I am more at peace.If you don’t know the situation you should not judge.My childhood was very bad and I understand that sometimes there is no happy ending.


      You said that she should’ve invited her mother to her wedding because she should respect her mother no matter what because that’s what it says in the bible. Well, I am not sure on how much you know about Bethenny but she’s not Catholic so that wouldn’t cross her mind “no matter what”. And why should she respect her mother who doesn’t give a damn about her or her family. That mother is obviously psychotic and could possibly do harm to Bethenny’s life if she had the chance. So inviting her to anything of Bethenny’s would be absurd and uncalled for.


      It is a Brides choice to not have drama on “Her” day. Just because a woman gives birth to a child, does not make them a Mother. As a parent you have to teach and guide your children. I understand where your coming from, but there are some instances that do not apply. This was one. Great choice Bethenny, and I hope you continue on your path of learning to be in a peacful place.

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