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Jun 242010

For the net worth of all the housewives, go to this update:


Update April 22, 2011 Bethenny Frankel Sells “Skinny Girl” for $120 Million.  Skinny Girl Sale

They may have money, but is it theirs?  Kelly Bensimon, Jill Zarin, LuAnn De Lesseps and Sonja Morgan married for money. Bethenny Frankel, Ramona Singer and Alex McCord did not. LuAnn has Count de Lesseps only male heir so she will be able to hold some of his money. Sonja Morgan hit the rich man jackpot by marrying John Adams Morgan, the grandson of robber-baron JP Morgan.  It’s hard to believe that Bobby Zarin is worth 35 million, Jill hustles that book too hard ( wait ’til you see my next post) to have that kind of money

All of the Real Housewives of New York City come off being loaded, and not just on Pinot Grigio. One of the prerequisites of being cast on the show is having money, and lots of it. Or at least living like you do with Hermes handbags, high end real estate and Caribbean vacations. So who is the richest and who, well, isn’t? Check out the list here.

The site Celebrity Net Worth gives an estimate of star’s wealth. They use public info to give an idea of what these celebrities have in their portfolios. But keep in mind these figures should be taken with a grain of salt.

Jill Zarin $35 Million – Primary from her husband Bobby’s business and family money.

Sonja Morgan $30 Million – From her ex-husband’s “old” money  UPDATE; SONJA MORGAN FILES FOR BANKRUPTCY

Ramona Singer $18 Million – From her businesses and her husband’s jewelry and trophy company.

Kelly Bensimon $15 Million – From her successful photographer ex-husband,Gilles Bensimon.

Bethenny Frankel $14 Million – From her best selling books, videos, drink company and other enterprises.

LuAnn de Lesseps $2 Million – She has a title but not much money.

Alex McCord $400, 000 – She didn’t marry super rich and both her and Simon continue to work to make ends meet. UPDATE 7/15/2011 Celebrity Net Worth doesn’t update.  Alex McCord may have come from Kansas oil money, as stated on Episode 15, but there is no evidence she inherited anything. 

Who’s the most successful? Bethenny Frankel, of course.She has been able to use her fame for gain more than any housewife in the entire franchise.

And the money is hers, no strings attached.

The “Lost Footage” Episode airs tonight on Bravo.

Real Housewives of New York City: Ranking The Wives Net Worth- Who is the Richest? | Famecrawler



  22 Responses to “The Real Housewives of New York: Whose Money?”


    LOL. Good for them. Ramona had me CTFU with the ole egg might be fertilized. At her age this is not a great idea. I dont really care though so eff Ramona and her powdered eggs. LOL. YAY for being rich. LMAO


    Ramona may be worth $millions … but, when you don’t have good mental health, does the $$$$ really matter?

    I only watched the Finale to see what the hype is about. Ramona was hoping her PG test results were +. Now, does a sane person with a sound mind think it’s a good idea to bring a child into the world when they run 3 companies (no time) they are an alcoholic, (FASyndrome is child-abuse), they are a Narcissist (child will assume narc traits) AND will turn 56 yrs old (VERY high-risk pg) when the child is born? … IF she was actually pg.

    Soon-to-be 56 yr-old, narcissistic alcoholic, absorbed with herself and her $$$$ … wants to have a baby. I think that ship has already sailed RAMONA!

    How much sense does this make? She was VERY disappointed that the pg test results were negative. Doesn’t it make you question her sanity? The 1st time I watched that show, was also the last. Shame on all of them.


    If you actually read the article, it says her net worth is 2.4 million while income is 400k. While tied together, they’re different things.


    Victoria,you nailed it in regards to Simon. How ’bout his change in appearance since season 1? Also,he went from being a general mgr. of a hotel to someone who “might” be starting a business. It’s sad to watch this happen.


    Bettheny is the richest and the smartest. I think Bobby Zarin is a saint and has 35 million. I think luAnn better find a rich husband soon! I also do believe that Alex is not happy with Simon and their marriage is on the rocks…literally. SCotch on the rocks, Vodka, whatever but Simon is showing signs of a disease that kills, alcoholism. I hope he seeks help before it’s to ate.


      The Housewives make me so happy to be who I am. Victoria you are correct in your observation of Simon. Also with his behavior towards the other women as well, he is in need of serious help.
      How does Andy stay sain during all of this?
      Congratulations to Betheny and her business endeavors.

      I love watching this train wreck!


    Alex lives in a large brownstone, but I think it’s been converted into separate apartments. The last episode when Jill came to visit, Jill came through a main door and then had knock on a second door leading you to believe they didn’t own (or at least live in) the entire Brownstone.


    LOL Alex is from Kansas and … Not, She doesn’t have old or new mone.


    The Zarins also have their hands in commercial real estate. I think on the first season Jill mentioned they owned a lot of property in Vegas and some other places.

    Bethenny also comes from a pretty priveleged background. I’d be curious to see if her father left her any money.


    Sorry i don’t believe for a minute that Bethenny is worth $14 million, probably a cool $2.5 million with condo (they said she made $3 million with the books). Jill’s husband is probably worth that. I think Alex is worth more than Luann, and Jill. Alex lives in a 5 story house in Brooklyn (that ain’t cheap). Alex family have money, Texas Oil money.


    “Celebrity Net Worth” is not an accurate website. They are very vague on how they get their information and if you look up Teresa Guidice it states that she is worth A million…hah!

    I think all the NY Housewives net worth are overstated, especially Bethany’s.

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