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Jun 232010

Reading her June 30 tweets about Luann at an outdoor cafe, you can tell she’s never been to New York City!

Tweetmaxine is a an internet blogger who makes up stories, believed by many, about the Real Housewives. He/she calls herself the Bravo Mole, claining to work for Bravo tv .  Who is Tweetmaxine?

She LOVES Kelly Bensimon, Danielle Staub and Gretchen Rossi.  She HATES Bethenny Frankel, the Manzos, and Tamra Barney. She once loved Jill Zarin, until her lies caught up with her in the Bethenny’s baby mini-drama. Read Bethenny Has a Girl, Tweetmaxine! She lost a lot of credibility on that one.

Well, Kellamity Kelly has blocked her, and she is losing it. Read her tweets from bottom to top, more entertaining.  And why is 47 the “magic number”?


UNCONDITIONAL LOVE: I would ask @kikilet what that means to her. For me, it means that I luv Kelly and LUV HER FLAWS TOO. Will always luv K6 minutes ago


AGAIN, speak now or forever hold your peace (piece?) IS THERE SOMEONE (FAMOUS) U THINK I SHOULD BE FOLLOWING? LET ME KNOW, QUICK…8 minutes ago via web


I’m not angry at all. I think Kelly does some unusual (unconventional) things. Wish she wouldn’t have blocked me, but still LUV her even so13 minutes ago via web


In any case, I need 2 follow someone 2 replace Kelly. Must have 47…the magic number. Anyone wanna suggest CELEB U think I should follow?14 minutes ago via web


If I like someone, I like someone, whether she blocks me or not. @kikilet absolute FREEDOM to block me if she wishes. I will cont to LUV her18 minutes ago via web


I have been a fan of @Kikilet from the moment she joined. She blocked me before, & I STILL SAID NICE THINGS ABOUT HER. That won’t change19 minutes ago via web

Lit Snitch NYCLitSnitch

Grammar20 minutes ago via web


NEWSFLASH: Kelly stops following me, & BLOCKS ME. The reason? I criticized her grammer, actually I was defending her. & STILL LUV HER!

  7 Responses to “Tweetmaxine: What Becomes of the Broken-Hearted?”


    More than sad, very creepy. If we find out Maxine is a man – and obsessed with Gretchen’s hair – well let’s just say instant restraining order and be done with it.

    She/it never had very many followers for how well the shows do and after the first day looking at who she does follow it’s clear that she/it is pretty nutty.

    It was all fun and games until the restraining orders came Max. LOL Kiklet no likey.


    My life is so damn normal and involves being goo goo gaa gaa all day with kids that I do not pay her any mind. She is not a mole and she can be vicious, she sounds like alot of people on twitter I need entertainment and by golly all the black sheep provide it for me.lmao. I would let the reality tv stars deal with her if she or any of the other black sheep break the law. Since I am not a true fan of anyone in particular I just want to laugh and leave. Twitmaxine sometimes provides the laughs. Like today for example. That shiyat is pretty funny. Groveling for a follower that is not even famous like that. That is LMAO funny. I live and let live. Just IMO only of course. Back to W=Whale w h a l e woo


    Sounds like KooKoo needs a restraining order from TwatMax. She is OBSESSED! I read some of her tweets and I think she is a whackadoo. If your a “Mole” you dont play favorites like she does. If you have inside info then you report it, you dont pick people apart like she does. Ahhh send her some Gummi Berries and Lollipops……Satchels of Gold!!!


    um, it sounds a little desperate……..and pathetic…… hoo 😉


    It shocks me that people still follow this nutcase! He/She has lost touch wit reality and believes that the Bravo cast give a crap about what it is saying!

    I like how TM claims to be correcting Kelly’s “Grammer” and spells Grammar wrong! LMAO

    Another great blog Ms. AbsurdToSublime! Hope all is well with you! XO


    she is yesterdays news, A nobody and I heard that Bravotv wants nothing to do with her or her claims.
    She is a plain old woman who needs to lie to get people to listen to her.
    If everyone left her she would have to unprotect her tweets and then everyone could read them if they wanted.

    Maxine Lives in Carona Delmar Ca and the police were called at one time when Maxine showed up at a fellow bloggers home because she refused to leave.

    She just needs to find someone to be a friend to her. That is the only thing that is going to stop her lies.

    Feel sorry for Maxine. She is like a child who needs attention. Tough love though! Unfollow her! It’s the right thing to do.
    May God help her now before she ends up in court.


    Not even Scott Baio wants to be friends with her. Sad :( Poor TwatMax.

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