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Jun 222010

This reminds me of Kim Zolciak of the Atlanta Housewives and her involvement with DJ Tracy Young…..for the publicity.

Danielle Staub of the Real Housewives of New Jersey ,however, can carry a tune, unlike any of the other singing housewives: Jo de la Rosa , Kim Zolciak, LuAnn De Lesseps and Gretchen Rossi . No auto-tune in her duet with Lori Michaels, but the lesbian act?  Can we all say famewhore at once?

  7 Responses to “Danielle Staub Sings”


    They are using autotune and distortion on Danielle’s voice. You can autotune live performances, a lot of people don’t realize that.

    Compare and contrast their voices, and you will see what I mean. The other woman’s voice is crystal clear coming out of the microphone, whereas Danielle’s is not. That is definitely not her normal singing voice.

    While I can see why some think she’s a good singer based upon that performance, it seems more likely that she’s not a good singer, and that’s why they took steps to alter her voice.


    Who knew.LOL. Danielle can sing. She is also a famewhore and will boing anything with a pulse for publicity. Thank you BRAVO. The episode was boring as hell during a hot Teresa and her bankruptcy issues made her segment pure fantasy. She is 11 million in the hole. She needs more than a housewarming party now. Maybe Dina and her generous heart can start a charity for her and twitter about it with her right hand gal Assley, and they can become more popular together and have tons of followers and the world in NJ will be a better place for everyone.LMAO. Thanks Danielle/prostitution whore duck eggs(thanks realoldhousewife) for making the show bearable, although the deformed boobie scene has made me need extra meds today. Hubby says I was talking in my sleep saying Dont let those rockaboobies attack me. I am scarred. Thanks Danielle thanks BRAVO.LOL. The


    I’m not a fan of hers at all, but in all honesty, her singing voice was actually pretty good. I just couldn’t help but feel like she was taking it all too seriously.. Like in Season One of RHONJ when they all went to take dance lessons and she was the only one taking it serious while everyone else was just having fun with it.


    yeppers she can sing and i bet it burns the Manzo’s up!

    …famewhore? yep, but they ALL are.


    this summer’s popular trend seems to be ‘coming out” as a lesbian or “proud bisexual” and its really a tired act.

    btw her caterpillar eyelashes were distracting.


    Hey, good or bad, she’s always trending on Twitter/Google/Yahoo and right now seems to be carrying that franchise on her bony shoulders.

    I hate myself for just typing that but, sigh, it’s true. The song was ok. Like Gretchen ok. And Jo! Totally forgot about Jo! She’s doing something for Transformers 3, right? Poor Jo.


    I was surprised. I expected another auto-tune crapfest but oh no…the woman can actually sing. But I agree. Enough with this faux lesbian fad! If I were a real lesbian, I would be offended at the pretenders. Straight, lesbian, bisexual….whatever. Be true to yourselves and don’t act a certain way just to get attention. So over it…..

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