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Jun 122010


According to many sources, Dina Manzo is leaving the New Jersey Housewives.

 Danielle Staub accusing her of signing the original  Bravo contract without consent from her ex-husband is the true reason she is leaving. Dina does not want to risk losing custody of her daughter Lexi by remaining on the show.

The Real Story Behind the Dina/Danielle Feud      Caroline Manzo’s Anger

Another reason, the apparent breakup of her marriage to Tommy Manzo.  Rumor has it he lives across the street from her. With no Lexi and a husband who refuses to appear on another reality show (they appeared on “My Big Fat Fabulous Wedding”) and the jealous, volatile rages of Danielle, it appears Dina has had enough.

 Dina and Tommy Manzo   Tommy Manzo: Last Years Versace?

Here’s a portion of what she said on her latest Bravo blog:

The petty stuff aggravated me, but it wasn’t until she chose to once again involve my daughter in her drama that she really proved to me she hadn’t changed at all. I made it VERY clear to her that she was to stay away from my daughter’s family, where she had poked her nose before. She had agreed, and PROMISED me that she would. Well, what a surprise it was when I found out that she chose to FILM at my sister-in-law’s salon and try to make them talk about her version of “what made Caroline cry” nonsense on air.

From People

Manzo has also been the victim of threats since the show first aired. “I’m not pointing fingers but there definitely was some stuff that went on that was kind of freaky,” says Manzo, who received threatening notes and emails and had her mailbox vandalized. “I was spending all this money trying to get it traced and so I decided to put all the money into security instead and got cameras everywhere. I sound cool about it now only because it’s like Fort Knox at my house. Nobody’s getting anywhere.”

Too bad. Her normalcy helped balance out a show that has too much crazy.  She will be missed.

 Saying Goodbye to Dina Manzo  June 12, 2010  Posted by at 12:48 PM the real housewives of new jersey

  5 Responses to “Saying Goodbye to Dina Manzo”


    You are correct NapaValleyGirl…tales of a belligerent EX-husband are just mere smokescreen. Danielle? Puhleeze! She watched Married to the Mob a couple of times and tries to emulate the tough, Jersey girl; but Snookie could eviscerate her with a glance, and the Manzo’s with one phone call. So, back to Dina’s raison d’etre: There’s obviously a semi-kept secret in Dina’s life: to have a well-tended life for her and her daughter, she cut a deal — a deal that required some degree of privacy. Why anyone thought that this requisite privacy could be managed in the glare of all the celebrity is incredible, but someone obviously did. Just look toward that one aspect of of Dina’s — in fact, the whole Manzo clan’s — life that has remained shrouded through both seasons. HE’s what was supposed to remain private…but it’s too late…she’s OUT (not that there’s anything wrong with that.) So, y’all should come back on and establish a whole, new reality trend. We all need a twist on Tony S.


    Good for her. Buh bye. I still remember her as a spoiled woman who did not care her then fiance cheated on her. She was bragging about how much this cost and that. I remember vain Dina. I wish her well but glad she is gone. Should have taken puffy chucky and carmela and Annie armaggedon oakley and just leave it at The skank a lank show. I would have loved it.lmao. I would not contribute a cent to any of these womens charities that THEY run themselves.LOL. I would bid one penny and that is a


    Dina wouldn’t lose custody over having her on a reality show, that makes no sense. All the father would have to do is go to court and ask a judge to bar further tapings if Dina wouldn’t comply with his wishes. The judge would make the decision but Dina wouldn’t lose custody unless she was an abusive or negligent parent, which she isn’t. You have to valid reasons to even change child visitation or custody once it’s set up or people would be in and out of court clogging up the family court system.

    Dina may just be telling the truth, the show wasn’t worth the amount of hassle Danielle brought into her life. I can see that with no problem.


    ps Live Auction benefits Dina’s charity, Project Ladybug, which supports families of terminally-ill children.

    You can help make a difference!


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