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Jun 112010

A message from Jill Zarin Bethenny Frankel never read.

6/19/10 from US Magazine:

Indeed, Frankel herself recently told that relations with Zarin remain strained. “Jill has never reached out to me that she’s not tweeted or Facebooked about it,” Zarin said during a recent visit to Us Weekly’s NYC offices. “She did a blind item on Twitter that said, what do you do when you try to reach out for a friend that won’t reach out to you..That should be a private moment. She has left me a couple of messages — maybe one message.”

Bethenny goes on to say she is in a good place…doesn’t need Jill’s skeletons.

UPDATE 6/12 This post is now missing from Jill’s Facebook page. Her publicists must have convinced her to delete it. Too late.

Blogger’s Dream Jill Zarin never learns.  Even after hiring a PR firm to put out good press about her, this is what she writes on her Facebook page after Part 1 of the New York Housewives reunion:    NOT EDITED FOR TYPOS OR GRAMMAR

Here we go! Everyone looks great! ( I have to much blush! But I took some off later!)
Alex…I am in Brooklyn? Made no sense…she made no sense! I did nothing to her to deserve her mouth. Maybe she was worried Jen Gilbert was replacing her? After all…she has 3 small kids, works and lives a fabulous life? We were in Jen’s house…Alex saw the writing on the wall. She keeps saying I am in high school. Really…ever see a mirror? The show is high school. Let’s be honest.
Simon wasn’t there and notice..she kept her kids OFF the show. WHY??
Did you see Bethenny or Ramona apologize EVER to Alex? They clearly planned the reunion together. They were very rehearsed. I heard Alex say in the back she had to get all her “points” in. She had notes. Throwing stones lately? never tried over and over to do ANYTHING. We are not friends. OVER. Why keep rehashing it.
I do fight back..I don’t need to be DIRTY.
WE ALL talk to the press. Are you kidding?
I said the “ugly comment” after the season. She never heard until APRIL. Don’t use that excuse. Please.


Andy clearly thinks Ramona is a hypocrite. Right?
Ramona had no heart for Luann.
Wow..hundreds of thousands? No one I know thinks she has changed AT ALL. But she does LOOK great. Do you love how Alex is defending Ramona this year? HAH!
Hypocrite..Ramona has said the MEANEST things to me behind my back!! ( on the show!)
B said she had surgery. I don’t know how she knows.
I think she was rude to Andy..really…talk about refecting a question?
Kissing not an idescretion? Kidding??? I would never do that to Bobby!

Ramona said Bethenny gives everything to Page 6…but Alex doesn’t attack her. Why not?
Bethenny is an open book…when she wants. If I play HER message on camera…I am a bad person? But she will show everything. WHich is it?

  21 Responses to “Jill Zarin’s Facebook Faux Pas”


    Jill really reminds me of Susie Greene from HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm – you know what I mean TV folks? Her fashion is even similar, where it’s almost right but its just something that makes the outfit a little less elegant. But, like Susie Greene, she thinks she is wearing the most fashionable items.


    JILL ZARIN hasn’t posted a single thing on Twitter since 9:32 11 June. That is almost 2 days. Maybe she finally decided to stop running her mouth and THINK… THINK…THINK…about what she is doing to herself and her image. (I doubt that she is going as far as to THINK about what she’s done to Bethenny or Alex…and the many EX-fans that she’s had….)

    She looks very stupid posting links to stories about HER.. on her FB and Twitter, as anyone can read them, not just her “loyal followers” . That is how I found this article.

    Her cute lil’ PR boi toi should really wake up and small the cawfee. This isn’t HELPING her.

    JILL…did you ever here the one that goes, “SILENCE IS GOLDEN”?
    YOu should practice it, Jill Zarin, IT WORKS WONDERS….unless, of course, you are one of those people where, any attention is GOOD ATTENTION?? (even if they don’t LIKE YOU?) OH, that would be kinda Kelly PR103: as long as they are still interested in me, it doesn’t matter if they like me or not.

    ::eye roll::


    @ dribble drabble..really? she cheated on Bawby?? Perhaps that was what the fight between her and Bethenny was really about, Jill zarin cheated on Bobby.
    I wonder if that is also why Brad was not shown filming on Real Housewives of NYC this season.

    Lots to consider here.

    Also, I’ve tried many times on her “official” site to ask for an explanation regarding Jill Zarin being Susan Saunders on Amazon. My coments never get posted. 3 friends of mine also politely asked similar questions on her official site. you guessed it. they do not get posted.

    Jill Zarin says she loves Bethenny, but, if she really did, why does she continue to bash her on her Twitter and Facebook accounts? If you see Bethenny’s Twitter account, there is never a mention of Jill Zarin.

    Jill Zarin is childish, spoiled, ignorant, and quite frankly, lame.
    She’s very annoying, and she has said many times that the show is OVER. Well, she is keeping the show every ALIVE by CONSTANTLY tweeting and facebooking about Bethenny Frankel as well as Alex McCord.

    I have to say, I do believe that “fame’ went to Jill Zarin’s head. Unfortunately for her, the attention she is getting makes her look like the child she really is.

    She is a liar, hypocrite, fame-wh*re, and all of the things she claims NOT to be.

    No wonder Jill Zarin was not asked to have HER own show. Who would want to watch that?

    Bethenny’s show was funny and entertaining, and it scored the highest viewership of a premiere show EVER.

    Bethenny isn’t slamming anyone. Alex isn’t slamming anyone. But Jill Zarin, the horn…keeps on honking. So sad. She’s tragic. the more she tweets, the worse she looks. BAD PR, JILL ZARIN…did you learn about PR from Kelly? methinks so.


    Oh dear. Neither Jill nor her assistants nor her cracker-jack PR team realizes that folks write comments to her two links to the article that ‘changes their mind about her’? Over 95% of the comments are tearing apart the premise of the article and calling Bullcaca to her defensive claims. Sincere apology? My a$$!


    Jill Zarin = Susan Saunders = Unethical Fraud and an Unstable Person

    Please, people, let’s not forget the horrible things Jill did using the fake Susan Saunders name on Amazon.


    Hi Jill: From a senior citizen who watches you when the show is on – I think your great and my favorite. Just don’t let those other ladies get over on you. You have a great husband and family and I just love you all. I am so
    tick off at the rest of them, except LU Ann (love her) that I would just like to pull all their hair. Your beautiful,
    smart and they are just jealous of you. Keep your chin up and keep doing what you are doing. By the way I am 83 and
    still working – taking care of my son’s business, he is still at home with me as I am a widow and he is single. Wonderful son. Love you and your family. From your new Italian friend. Virginia xxxxxxxxxxxx


    I almost felt sorry for Jill last night. The tears looked real when her and B were talking. This woman doesn’t have ONE redeeming quality. I’m sure, at this point her PR people are scrambling to spin this another way. I’m sure they don’t get paid enough.

    Her hair and makeup..oy vey!!! She looked like a size 4!!! prostitute, size 1 my ass! Her shoes were hot, did she step in gum at some point or were the tags still on???


    I like how she thinks kissing another man when married is bad considering she cheated on Bobby 2 years ago.


    I don’t understand. Where did you get this? Where did Jill write this? It is really incoherent and sounds like a hysterical rant.


    i hadn’t realized that jill had a drinking problem too! or maybe it’s just that whatever kelly has is contagious. wow!

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