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Jun 052010

Joe’s true name is Giuseppe Giudice

Giudice Court Documents

  6 Responses to “Joe and Teresa’s Bankruptcy Court Documents”


    I would love to see them have to live off of minimum wage in a regular house and drive a hooptie car! Now that would be real punishment for them! Get a job at 7 11


    Teresa is worst than white trash. Who spends this kind of money when money is NOT coming in. The way she shops for those bratty girls of hers and the parties she throws are borderline Manic. Teresa must be suffering from delusions of grandeur.
    Does she think that Bravo Fans are so stupid that they would believe that she has no clue as to what kind of debt she owes out.
    She spent money on those parties as if she was a Hollywood Starlet.
    Newsflash Teresa, perhaps you will land up back in Patterson or Newark where trash like you belongs.
    Sad for women who are struggling to keep their heads above water.
    To OWE out $12 Million sounds to me like serial bankruptee’s
    There are people who live Large knowing that they will go bankrupt every few years…


    These people are going to JAIL….just wait!!!


    Love the fact that we the taxpayers are now paying for Teresa’s housewarming party.
    There is no excuse for this. You don’t spend money you know you don’t have,
    How the hell did they ever think they were going to pay this off?
    I hope the IRS is watching, They deserve to go to jail or be made to pay back every single penny they wasted on all the shit


    WOW. see this shit here. They must be lying their asses off. We see how they spend on tv and they are saying entirely something else to the US Government. I do hope they get audited or whatever it is that the Government does. Investigate. I read a comment on Reality tea I think suzy something and she says that the Cavefamily borrowed 30gs from a friends parents and they never repaid. I demand an investigation. LMAO. I would not like anyone to lose their home or anything, but talking reckless about others while your ass is in a sling is just a tad crass and totally not Thanks for this darling. WOW.

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