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One would think Slade Smiley would keep his mouth shut after he has been called out so many times for being a deadbeat dad.  Think again.

Now he’s threatening Jennifer Young, owner of Most Wanted Deadbeats, a website devoted to bringing parents behind on child support payments to court for resolution.

Here are his latest tweets to her:

@CoachJenYoung oh its been done. You should be careful and I’d choose better company if I where you. Your choices will ruin you.

@CoachJenYoung to proving to the world you like posting about things you don’t know to bring attention to yourself. Nice pick of associates 11:48 PM May 29th via UberTwitter in reply to CoachJenYoung @CoachJenYoung your the one posting my name to get attention for yourself. Nice try though. I guess we will see won’t we. Looking forward to 11:46 PM May 29th via UberTwitter in reply to CoachJenYoung

@CoachJenYoung its called freedom of speach. If I’m such a deadbeat why am I the one that filed the case? Fyi I don’t need attention 11:45 PM May 29th via UberTwitter in reply to CoachJenYoung

@CoachJenYoung you have quite the history. I be posting more on Jen Young. She has some pretty shady alliances. People should know. 8:53 PM May 29th via UberTwitter in reply to CoachJenYoung

This is what she said to him:

@SladeSmiley I know you like attention. You just got a full room of people to laugh at you. 11:09 PM May 29th via web in reply to SladeSmiley

  • @SladeSmiley All deadbeats get defensive. Nice way to shift attention. Your the deadbeat Slade. Let’s hear what you’ve got. Slander? 10:56 PM May 29th via web in reply to SladeSmiley
  • @SladeSmiley You have no idea what your talking about. R u supporting a fed convict, deadbeat dad? Careful,better do your homework. Slander.
  • Gretchen Rossi and Slade were in Palm Springs when these messages were sent. They were very upset about the court proceedings that day. As news of the courtroom drama became public, they twittered responses. One of the things I said to a fellow blogger was “Gretchen always tweets bullshit after the shit hits the fan. She responded:

    @absurdtosublime what did u mean about the I post bull?

    On another note, in conversation with Jay Photoglou, he told me:

    Jay Photoglou JayPhotoglou

    I was asked to attend and testify . Don’t you find it interesting I was allowed back in court and Gretchen was not. 9:18 PM May 29th

    Interesting indeed. Gretchen was held in another room while the court proceedings commenced, according to Jen Young.

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      12 Responses to “Slade Smiley Tries to Kill the Messenger”


      Hey Ralph, AKA SLADE SMILEY.

      You are a complete asshole, You think that your too good to work and you allow your cancer stricken son to get CA medicaid which means the taxpayers are paying for your son’s healthcare.
      You are a sick man and belong in jail for all that you have done. We also know that you owe Child support in the means of 100K and the IRS is another bill you owe and that is over 100K now too.

      Be careful you DICKWAD,
      The cops are watching you so next time you drive Gretchys vehicle and flip off the law, your going to get your ass arrested.
      How does it feel to be supported by a woman?
      You don’t care because all you do is use people.
      You use your own son for photo ops and everyone knows this,
      I hope that someday soon, you get your skanky slimy ass kicked. Cause you sure do need it
      GO back to third grade and learn how to spell you freak of Nature.






      so you are admitting Ms. Rossi is a coke whore? Cuz that’s sure how your comment reads. I will grant you its hard to tell with all the misspellings and grammatical errors just like on your twitter SLADE!


      LOL. Thanks Ralph. I believe we should hear the whole story. I hope you dont get your balls in the woodchipper for I love reading comments.


      Nice work there buddy! Trying to threaten a single mom, child support advocate? Not going to win you any points with the public who already hates your slade slimy ass.
      Go get’em Jennifer! He is transparent and your obviously pissing him off.
      Great site! I now follow you on twitter!!!


      Ummm Jen isn’t buddies with Jay Photo. This was definitely made up as part of trying to kill the messenger!

      This is all very funny that he is upset because Jen let everyone know the facts by posting his legal docs.

      He has threatened her and now look at how the hurt little baby tries to get revenge! Grow up Slade you loser!

      Whether Jen is involved or not, your in the wrong and should be in jail with the other douche bags!


      hey ralph,

      if slug has money (according to YOU) why not start chipping away at ANY of his many mounting debts?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


      What cracks me up is what an idiot this stalker Jay is. He seeks out Slade’s baby mama? Who does that, He has never met her, He has no business being involved. I guess everything Gretchen filed in her case about this dick is true and you guys are in on it with him. Thats pretty sad you are that desperate to make crap up for your little blog post. I also know he was never allowed back in the courtroom because I work their, he is a two faced lying little bitch. If someone where saying things about me that where not true I wound’t keep my mouth shut either. 2nd, Slade filed this case, not the baby mama, As far as I can see no one has ever come after him for support. Guess he has nothing to hide. I am sure Jay only showed up trying to see Gretchen.

      I love how Jay just keeps proving Gretchen and Slade right. He will do jail time at some point, LOL He is nothing more than a looser used car sales man who hangs out with Coke whores. No wonder he hates Slade and Gretchen. They have everything, fame, money, friends and a tv show Hah ha ha ha ha LMAO….


      I agree Not On The Woodchipper time. I have learned one thing and that is that publicity is publicity and if you are talking about them you are giving them airtime, unless you are a real celebrity. These people are reality personalities and not known for their abundant I commend coach young on her plight, she is also good friends with the stalker and I dont know something smells bad. Did Slade call for a court date as he states? God knows I am not defending him as I have two special needs kids but it is always good to have the whole story. Twitter can be really unbalanced. Fun as heck but not I pray Grayson gets everything he needs and more. He is a glorious child. Gretchen well there are no words for that bitch. I am glad you called her out on her BS. I still think she makes for great tv though. She needs to drop the zero fast. BTW Hamptons


      they need to put all these people in a woodchipper.

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