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May 292010

Grayson Smiley, 10, is the child Slade Smiley does not support.  He was featured during the first season of the Real Housewives of Orange County, when Slade was working at Countrywide Title Insurance and living with Jo de la Rosa.

Slade took down his website devoted to Grayson several months ago. The link to Michelle Arroyo’s Grayson Smiley website is here. If you are interested, read the diagnosis page.

Slade Smiley’s Website for Grayson was :

The Grayson Foundation

Slade Smiley’s Court Documents

  9 Responses to “Amazing Grayson Smiley”


    he should be removed





      If Gretchen really loved Slade, she would also love his son, Grayson. Since she is making money on Real Housewives and her cosmetic/fashion lines, she should step up and share some responsibility for his son. Of all people, Gretchen should be compassionate for someone who is suffering from cancer. She saw her fiance, Jeff, suffer, so how can she not step up for the Slade’s (the man she loves) adorable son who is fighting for his life? She needs to look at the bigger picture.


        Gretchen should assume financial responsibility? This is not her child nor is she married to Slade. Just because she’s making money does not obligate her to be financially responsible. Why don’t YOU financial support this child is your so concern. Your comment is absolutely ridiculous!


        Your comment is completely ridiculous! Gretchen is not married to Slade so why should she financially support his son??



    I’m not a mother (except to my cats) but I have morals and a conscience and I am flabbergasted/disgusted that she supports him in evading this most important of debts. His complete lack of character is on full display with his attitude toward his child. I have a feeling Gretchen believes every negative thing he has told her about Michelle so she has decided to stand behind what he is doing. BRAVO and Gretchen subverting a court order happens to be a crime and I hope some legal action is taken. She is a scammer/grifter and after the first season she was on it has all started to come to light. She is rather phony.


    As a mother, I can not with good conscience support what Gretchen Rossi is doing.


    First off Michelle is way better looking than the whores he has hooked up with since. Second, what kind of loser does not pay child support to the tune of $3500/mth for a total of >$110,000 YET takes vacations, drives a car without a driver license, and does not get ANY KIND OF JOB because “I’m too famous to get a ‘normal’ job”????????????????? AND has BRAVO and Rossi divert his income from the show by paying it to Rossi and then having her give it to him in the form of personal checks? Executives at BRAVO and Rossi should be jailed for failure to execute a court order and defrauding the courts. So why arent they??????????? Those hideous paintings he does and “auctions for charity”??? If they are so fabulous why not sell them and pay child support????? Gawd I wish he and Rossi would just die.


      Are you serious? You bat shit crazy hyena. You’re wishing death on people you dont even know, not mention a story you know nothing about. People like you shouldnt be aloud to roam the streets. idiot.

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