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Mar 142010


Update September 20, 2011 The story of her childhood will be featured tomorrow on E! True  Hollywood Story

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Confirmed: Bethenny Frankel Delivers Baby Girl


Bethenny Frankel often says she “has no parents” in referring to her parents, Bonnie Frankel Parisella and the late Bobby Frankel.

Written shortly after Bobby Frankel’s death, this author, who knew everyone involved well, gives some insight into Bethenny’s childhood.  She seems very much like her father, despite the fact  they only lived together briefly in her childhood. The childhood was conflict-filled, with the young Bethenny calling the police to the house at the age of 5.

from “A Brooklyn Tale”:

In the months that followed, they became friends. Bonnie was having a tough time dealing with the failed marriage at about the same time that John lost his father, his best friend and racetrack mentor.
Parisella spent many evenings at Bonnie’s Forest Hills apartment, baby-sitting the daughter that Frankel had fathered. Bethenny, now 38, became as famous as her father, first as a contestant on Donald Trump’s “The Apprentice” and currently on the reality show “Real Housewives of New York.”
Over the course of that first year, Bonnie and John’s friendship grew into a loving relationship and eventually they were married. I remember celebrating Bethenny’s Sweet Sixteen on a huge party boat that John rented on Long Island’s South Shore.

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  11 Responses to “Bethenny Frankel’s Background”


    I am so very happy for Bethenny and her success. She and her family deserve it. I do want to share something thugh. It is May 2011 and my boyfriend came out of retirement and has made $75 mln as salary already this year. Three weeks ago he made me promise to not disclose to anyone our finances. I can understand now why he has stressed this point. Once the info comes out, the parasites come out of the woodwork claiming you owe them. All I can say is good luck Bethenny and congrats!!!


    What a load of sh*t. Her parent’s names aren’t even correct in this “article.” LMAO.


    Nice article, but Bethenny was on Martha Stewart’s Apprentice, not Trump’s.


    Gee…anyone in Kelly La La Land? Seems we have a few posting on this board!

    No one’s life is perfect unless one learns from mistakes.
    I don’t believe one word Jason is bi sexual. He IS the baby Daddy of Bryn.

    I feel Jason and Beth are soulmates. They even one another out as in “see saw” and Beth’s in therapy. Now she is in a very happy place. Please don’t write hateful things.


    Well Christian, aren’t you just full of good and happy news. And this would be your business…..why? Both Jason and Bethenny are old enough to make their own decisions and life style. Perhaps you could invite Jill Zarin over and discuss how you two can ruin the Hoppy’s lives and destroy their baby. I know it would be a fun afternoon for Jillousy. Let’s just rub good manners, discreet living and minding your own business out of the world. I’m proud of you sweetie;.


    I wish Bethenny much luck in her private life. I hope she comes back to RHONYC as I do not watch her show. I know how it ends. lol. I do love her on RHONYC and all the drama surrounding her is extremely amusing to me. BTW WOW. LOL.


    Concerning Bethenny,

    Does Bethenny Frankel know her husband is Gay / Bi-Sexual and that he plays it on the Down Low? I am not saying this to be mean or as a joke. It just seems ridiculous for anyone to get married for a TV show, or even for the sake of a baby, when there is a 99.9% chance the marriage will end in Divorce within the first 5 years. Jason Hoppy might be discreet about his man on man activity, but eventually it will be made public that he prefers men over women. My advice is for Bethenny to leave him first claiming that he deceived her about his true sexuality. The marriage is doomed to fail.

    I wish Bethenny the best of luck, but her taste in men is self destructive. Maybe should seek a matchmaker assistance the next time she want to find a mate…


    Christian Wylder

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