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Jan 142010

According to Ramona Singer of the Real Housewives of New York City, Joe Giudice , husband of table-flipping Teresa Giudice of the Real Housewives of New Jersey had dinner with Tamra Barney  of the Real Housewives of Orange County last night and had some sort of an accident!

This is what Ramona posted on Facebook :

Ramona Singer OMG Theresa of RHONJ husband had an accident and got DUI after having dinner with Tammara I am seeing her for lunch hope trouble doesn’t follow me!!

OMG Theresa of… | Facebook

Wait “til table flipping Teresa gets hold of Tamra! Good Lawd!

Willl keep you posted on developments.

Tamra is in the Big Apple to join Andy Cohen tonight on “Watch What Happens”.

  9 Responses to “Joe Giudice and Tamra Barney? Joe’s DUI”


    These people make me sick Take these idiots off tv Joe and Teresa are low life people spending money they do not have. Ian a real housewife that actually took care of my life and home she is a privaleged moralless. Nasty fake personplease cancel this series.


    I am embarassed to say I have watched the “Real Housewives from Jersey and New York. I cannot believe that there are so many women in one place that are so disfuctional and yes nuts. These women are not “real” in any way and are so shallow it is hard to believe. I feel so sorry for the children. I think they are all psycho and I am not using the term loosley. I think they are making fools of themselves going on TV and acting like idiots. Not one of them is normal I do like Kathy’s husband.


    None of these women have class. They all claim to be level headed and classy women, but not one of them understands that the way they appear on television is ANYTHING BUT classy. Classy women do not flip tables. Classy women do not scream and throw temper tantrums in public for others to watch. Classy women do not publicly display their son’s stripper carwash with pride. Classy women do not allow their daughters to pull hair and degrade another individual at a charity event. And finally, classy women DO NOT allow their older, firey, red headed, lying sister to take blame for something she (D I N A ! ! ! !) did.


    The family is mob-related , mafia slime


    Teresa’s kids look like tiny neanderthals


    Come on! Danielle is obviously psychotic. Anybody that watches the show can clearly see that she is totally unstable. As far as class goes, I don’t think any of the wives are concerned about that or they wouldn’t be getting paid to be on TV.


    At least with Danielle, show showed some real class.She never cursed back and said what Teresa said. Teresa, what a pouty mouth.


    OMG……will that bitch ever shut her mouth Theresa. Wonder if she knows about karma. I saw both pictures of you and daniell side by side….she looks like a use dish clothe. She is so miserable no one wants to have anything to do with her….Count your blessing. You have a lovely family..she only has two kids that are embarrassed. Just look in the eyes….they are program. She can’t say that about yours, they just yell whatever they want… Tone that hollering down Tess… but I love you and all the family…….Dolly


    I just love danielle and ramona

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